The silence from the investigation/what investigation? part 1

The silence from John Gladwin and Christine Daley tells me that the investigation was only ever a show, a public pretence of justice, which included no justice at all, this is a new ploy by the church of england to silence abuse victims, the church makes a big big show about abuse and apology and does nothing.
This is what the Chichester victims have experienced and also others.
It makes the church look good, deludes people with small brains that the church of england is making itself accountable, and all is cosy and rosy, except for the victims, who, like me, have no voice.

John Gladwin never made any effort to make contact with me, Bob Hill forced his hand, and at first John Gladwin went on about London and Jersey and made no effort to answer Bob’s questions about meeting, Bob persisted until John Gladwin agreed.
Christine Daley was at the meeting, and she was basically the person who gave me hope that there might be something worthwhile about the enquiry, but that didn’t last long.

Christine was very genuine and spoke with great clarity so I could understand her very clearly, she was nice, helpful and genuine. She had very obvious understanding of the autistic spectrum and mental health and she spoke in pictures, which I find very helpful.

But the meeting was a token one, and nothing followed, not even the minutes which Bob requested. There was no way that I could tell John and Christine everything in a few hours, especially not as Bob Hill, rightly or wrongly, said I might have to tell what happened to me previously in the Winchester diocese before Jersey because Bailhache, Ashenden and the rest were using it in their hate campaign against me, again one-sided.
(I feel completely damned by that hate campaign and they appear to have achieved their aim in invalidating me, as well as leaving me feeling helpless, damned and traumatized).

The real enquiry was then hijacked by a collegue of Philip Bailhache, who is the most powerful man in Jersey and also the man mentioned in my previous post as having led a hate campaign against me in defence of the Dean who damaged me.
This colleague of Philip Bailhache was also close to other people who harmed me, including magistrate Richard Falle, and yet the diocese of Winchester and John Gladwin allowed the enquiry to be hijacked, John Gladwin refused to answer any correspondence from me or from Bob Hill after that and Christine Daley claimed Dame Heather Steel’s enquiry was nothing to do with her and John’s enquiry, well who and what is Dame Steel’s enquiry to do with, then? Nothing has been explained to me at all, especially not by the Diocese or the Gladwin/Daley team. And yet this whole enquiry is claimed to be to do with me and to do with vulnerable people!!!!!!!!!!!
And yet, all they have done is damage me, refuse to communicate, allow a conflicted enquiry!

And no doubt my cries of protest are treated as insanity, again.

The lack of response is basically a foreshadowing of the result of any of these enquiries, and the enquiries do not even cover my complaint, which is against the diocese of Winchester and Jane Fisher, the dangerous loose cannon safeguarding officer, who thinks she’s great, but she destroyed me, so I don’t agree with her about her being great.

With regards to Dame Heather Steel, apparently she approached the diocese and ‘offered her assistance’, as a close colleague of Bailhache and others, she may well have conferred with them and the Dean and offered to prevent my complaint for them by doing this and thus preventing John Gladwin or someone else from carrying out a genuine impartial enquiry, though how an enquiry where the church of England is investigating itself  can be truly impartial I do not know.

Lets look at how this enquiry is structured, as far as I know:

John Gladwin, church of England Bishop, investigating the church of England – impartial? gathering by his silence and unwillingness to engage not just with me, but with Bob, who is reasonable, judging by the way Bob had to force an interview, John Gladwin isn’t going to conduct a fair enquiry, he has his comission, he has probably been given an outcome to conclude at the start, just as the Korris report was done without my views and was coloured by Jane Fisher who I have a complaint against.

Christine Daley or Daly, a social/mental health worker, I do agree to her involvement, the church of england would have been stupid not to have someone like her, but why has she refused to even send the minutes of the meeting, why has she tried to force irrelevant help on me and why is she standing by and allowing me to go on being hurt?

Archdeacon Norman Russell, I do not know this guy, but he is reputed to be respected in the church of england, whether that is a good thing or not.
I do not know his part in this, well no-one has explained anything of this enquiry to me, but I can’t make a judgement about him because I do not know. He is part of the archbishop’s elite, but he is also probably a colleague of Tim Dakin, from when Tim was part of that clique, and does that make him impartial? And who else was he friends with that might make him conflicted? The same with John Gladwin, the church of england should not be investigating themselves, as someone pointed out. The diocese of Winchester boasting and glorifying themselves love to call it an independently led investigation, but it is not, where is a leader who is not part of the church of england or not conflicted?

Dame Steel: The day Dame Steel’s enquiry was announced, I was suicidal because of the impact of the Korris report and hate campaign, Bob Hill emailed me and titled the email ‘charade’ and broke the news that the enquiry had been hijacked by Philip Bailhache’s close colleague who he had once asked to give a speech at one of his meetings, this colleague was Dame Heather Steel.
Dame Steel had apparently ‘approached’ the Diocese of Winchester and was allowed to simply take over the enquiry. rather than let John Gladwin do a proper enquiry like the one at Chichester.
Obviously no-one in Jersey wants a genuine enquiry, the way they have behaved about it is pretty terrible, but then they found the solution, Dame Steel can trash it for them.

And as well as not bothering to check about the enquiry being conflicted, Tim Dakin refused complaints about it being conflicted and allowed it to proceed.
Already deeply damaged by the Korris report and the hate campaign and the threats from Dakin, I was basically defeated.
How anyone thinks that this is about me or my complaints or justice, I do not know.

I was not made aware of Dame Steel’s role, in fact the diocese deliberately witheld that information until Steel began her enquiry, and then it was very vage and open to misinterpretation, I certainly still do not understand.

Steel is officially given permission by Tim Dakin to invite anyone she like to help her in the enquiry, anyone, including my abuser, his brother, Philip Bailhache, Richard falle, Bruce Willis, or anyone else who has harmed me, that part of her terms of reference is clear, and yet John Gladwin, Tim Dakin and all others, are standing by and letting this happen.

Dame Steel made no attempt to contact me, but she and Tim Dakin’s advocate who he has appointed in Jersey, Chris Schoelfield of Viberts solicitors, made an illegal and incongruent attempt to access my court papers from advocate Clare Nicholl, they did not contact me first, ask my permission or consider the harm to me of contacting the advocate who stood by and let the diocese of Winchester destroy me in 2010.

I objected with great anger, the diocese and their hurts to me when they should not have even been able to launch on me again and damage me after everything they had done, was already way too much for me.

I told advocate Schoelfield what I thought of this violation of my privacy and rights and forbade Clare Nicholl from passing any paperwork to Steel and Schoelfield with great anger.
I was disgusted at Nicholl, her pretence at friendliness and asking how I was, how am I since you destroyed me and left me on the streets?!

But Steel had nothing to say to me, treating me with the same contemptuous silence that John Gladwin had originally.

The Bishop of Winchester was apparently allowed to ‘appoint a police officer’ from Jersey police to assist Dame Steel, but judging by the silence, I am not allowed to appoint a police officer to protect me from the Diocese of Winchester and Dame Steel.

Again, this appointment of a police officer was a conflict of interests, and again Dakin ignored this, I forbade Steel and this officer to access my police records, because for a start my records are proven inaccurate and what is the point of a conflicted enquiry seizing on damagingly inaccurate records and damaging me further?!

But again, this conflict of interests continued, with an officer who neither knew me nor the case apparently allowing Philip Bailhache’s colleague to access my records despite my email of complaint to the police, which I will post on this blog if and when Dame Steel launches her attack on me and defense of the wrongdoers.

The Diocese of Winchester, John and Christine, Dame Steel and all others, have made no attempt at all to explain anything or allay my fears, they have left me suffering, so does anyone think that this enquiry is about my complaints or for my benefit?

So, would Dame Steel have contacted me or asked for my side of things if the church in jersey hadn’t posted a massive advert in the JEP advertising Dame Steel as representing them? I doubt it.
I didn’t have Any contact details for Dame Steel and no attempt had been made to contact me for her enquiry until the church in Jersey, the ‘laity’ of the church of England, which includes Bruce Willis, Philip Bailhache, Ian LeMarquand and others, posted a huge advert that listed Dame Steel as their contact for a complaint against Tim Dakin, I agree Tim Dakin has handled this appallingly and has treated me like dirt on his shoe, but what I cannot understand is, if he is paying Steel to investigate the clergy in Jersey, why is she working on behalf of the Jersey church and advertised as such by the Jersey church who give her contact details to anyone wanting to make a complaint against Tim Dakin?!

So Bob Hill enquired to Dame Steel about this and got no reply to this or a number of subsequent queries.

I also used the information kindly provided by the Jersey churches to contact Dame Steel, I got a cold reply where she calls me Ms….. or Miss…. I have no doubt that she does not speak to her colleagues and friends in Jersey in this manner, in one sense I was just testing to see if the Jersey church really did have her contact details and if they really were using her to represent them.
The cold reply told me that yes, it was true.

Steel made a token offer to interview me in London, but made no attempt to explain how I was to get there or if I could stay somewhere, but since it was very obvious that she was working for the Jersey churches, I told her she must be joking, so basically she has simply proceeded full steam ahead to ruin me for the church in Jersey, and no-one who I have contacted has done anything to prevent this or remove her and bring in an impartial enquiry.


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