Traumas from the past six months/inaccurate Korris report exhaustive lists:

The Diocese of Winchester burst back into my life in the most traumatic way, through the police, and at Easter of all times, when I was least able to seek help and support.

Then followed a stream of traumas, awful inaccurate press articles in Jersey and a hate campaign in Jersey, led by two people who had never even met me! Gavin Ashenden and Philip Bailhache.
Gavin Ashenden is a clergyman and Philip Bailhache is or was a church officer and on the Deanery Synod.

I find it incredible that a clergyman can cast stones at someone who he doesn’t even know and still wear his dog collar, let alone call himself a Christian, what kind of example is this man setting to his flock? He was not even in Jersey when I was there, yet he has heard rumours and one side of things from Phil and Heather Warren’s parent-in-law who used to be in Hampshire, and are now in Guernsey and he feels that that licences him to verbally attack me in the media and write to the church times making out that I am mentally ill and thus not believable.

Firstly where in Jesus’ teaching or example did Jesus ever condemn someone he didn’t know? Or condone it? He said ‘let He who is without sin cast the first stone’. And Ashenden and Bailhache are far from without sin.
Secondly Gavin Ashenden, whether the enquiry believe it or not, and whether the churches and clergy in Jersey believe it or not, has demonstrated just how much a visitation in Jersey is needed, though sadly Dame Steel has been allowed to prevent a visitation and enquiry and thus nothing will ever be done.

Gavin Ashenden’s example of why a visitation is needed includes his attitude to mental illness, he has no understanding of it at all and has decided, especially to the church times, that people with mental illness, a significant proportion of the population, are not valid. Which would be interesting if he or one of his clique in Jersey was ever diagnosed with depression, thus becoming ‘mentally ill, he would no longer be a valid human being, in his own classification, but a drivelling condemned liar, which is how he has classified me.
He furthered his warped view of Christianity at the Grouville meeting by stating that no-one on the island would want to help me.
I wonder what he actually thinks he is doing in light of the fact that he is not only supposed to be a Christian but is also supposed to be serving Jesus. I wonder what exactly a dog collar means to these Jersey clergy, or rather, I already know, it is a comfortable, powerful and very lazy way of life, one church each, not much to do, privilages that do not exist for UK mainland clergy, lots of pomp and vip treatment at festivities and  ceremonies, a small island with much power for these very self-important clergy, but as is demonstrated over and over again, very little Christianity or compassion.

Gavin Ashenden famously did a talk at the Tuesday meeting in Church house in St. Helier, the same meeting that Robb Averty and all rabid evangelicals attend, he spoke of demon posession and how he publicly drove a demon out of a ‘mentally ill woman’, it is not at all surprising that Gavin Ashenden was selected by the Jersey Deanery, he joins the ‘cult’ or ‘magic’ evangelical circle which is growing in Jersey, which Jane Fisher tried to tell me did not exist, which Mark Bond told me was now the only kind of clergy that the Dean would allow into Jersey, although I do not know the truth of what Mark Bond said.

So, Gavin Ashenden condemns the mentally ill and thinks that they are the lowest of the low, unwelcome and profane, there to show off about casting demons out.
But the thing is, all through this matter, I have been labelled mentally ill by Jane Fisher, and this has been facilitated through the Korris report, and it isn’t true.

Jane Fisher repeatedly and forcefully tried to have me put away as mentally ill, and repeatedly failed, because I am not.
I am not mentally well either, but I am repeatedly assessed as free from serious mental illness and deeply deeply damaged by the attempts by Jane Fisher to solve me as a problem by having me put away.

I am on the autistic spectrum, with possible reactive attachment disorder, I am severely psychologically damaged and I am diagnosed as suffering severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. None of these are serious mental illness, all of them are from birth, upbringing and background; and if you were to look at Gavin Ashenden or Bob key’s backgrounds, you would undoubtedly find them very comfortable and with no trauma. And definitely in the case of Philip Bailhache who went to £32,000 a year private school.
So isn’t it ridiculous that these people, who wear dog collars and are ordained to God, who have never wanted for anything – and wealthy background does seem to be a requirement of Church of England priests and lay workers, are condemning me, when they have never met me, in order to protect the Dean, who has done wrong, and completely forgetting why they are supposed to be there and how they got there in the first place!

Interestingly enough, Gavin Ashenden uses mental illness against me as a crime and cites the stories of Reverend Phil Warren’s parent’s in law, but omits the fact that Phil Warren’s mother in law, Heather Warren’s mother, who damaged me so much, is seriously mentally ill herself, and as well as causing me to be admitted to hospital through her actions, she used to wish Heather dead as a child. Phil and Heather Warren and Heather Warren’s parents and Gavin Ashenden are all very much part of the cult evangelical clique that covers Jersey, Guernsey where the parents in law and other members of that family worship and lead churches and also the Witchurch Deanery, where both Gavin Ashenden and Heather Warren’s parents previously were.
This cult element involves things like: getting children to lay hands on adults as if to heal them, controlling people through prayers, I saw a lot of this psychologically damaging practice in the Witchurch deanery and in Jersey, and a number of other psychological ‘tricks’ which were taught by visiting ‘big figures’ in evangelical circles and also apparently by things that the Warrens brought back from the states, including the psychologically controlling words ‘there are Satanists in ……. (Jersey) praying for the breakup of clergy marriage. And the constant attempt to trivilise abuse and validate people by using forgiveness and accusations of lying to excuse abuse.
Jane Fisher tried to excuse all this and condemn me, much as the clergy did, she refused to take my complaint seriously or tell me that anything would be done. And she wonders why I got angry! And then the Korris report backs her up and makes me out to be insane.

Although they are trained and ordained clergy and elected officers, the clergy and church officers in Jersey seem to know nothing of the following:

  • Jesus taught ‘forgive others their wrongs/percieved wrongs, or God will not forgive you – the hate campaign isn’t just a lack of forgiveness, it was a full blown hate campaign with slander and libel and done in a way that I had no voice to answer them, do you think clergy should be publicly attacking someone who they consider to be mentally ill? How do you think attacking someone who is ill affects them? I can tell you that attacking someone who is traumatized the way I am has done severe severe damage, and is that appropriate for clergy?
  • Jesus did not discriminate or exclude, he included tax collectors, protitutes and lepers, he included Legion, who was ‘insane’, and he healed legion and taught him, he did not run a hate campaign and write an inventory of legion’s presumed sins and display them in public as the Jersey Deanery have done to me. The clergy in Jersey would only keep company with lepers, pharisees and other minorities in order to show off, and they would only do it at arm’s length.
  • Jesus said ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone – obviously Gavin Ashenden, Bruce Willings and Philip Bailhache shouldn’t be on this earth, they assume that they are without sin.
  • Jesus said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, Bob key gets is it a quarter of a million a year as well as a free house and many many free meals, Bob Key deliberately sabotaged an abuse case by being biased, and went on to call me wicked and say I wasn’t abused, he had me ruined and put in prison, he was reinstated without enquiry and his clergy treat him like a hero, so the Jersey Deanery isn’t much to do with Christianity is it? Bruce Willis, also a wealthy old man, who like a lot of people, especially those at the Grouville meeting, is there because of wealth and status, published blatant and libellous untruths about me in the local press, the local newspaper in Jersey is owned and run by my abuser’s brother, who was also recently accused of sexual misconduct and that was quickly swept under the carpet due to his connections. And then there is Philip Bailhache, who runs the island with his brother William, together they decide who to promote or destroy, and destroy is the correct word, if anyone does anything to upset them or challenge them, people who speak out, people who rock the boat, like myself, challenging the Dean, or Stuart Syvret challenging all kinds of wrongdoing, especially to do with Haute de La Garrenne, which appears to be a sore spot with Philip Bailhache, who did not want haute de la Garenne investigated, he does not like abuse being investigated, he was opposed to Haute de la Garrenne being investigated, he was opposed to the abuse at Victoria college being dealt with, this is Senator Philip Bailhache, who was a church officer and on the Deanery Synod with my abuser. Does anyone see anything resembling Christianity in this wealth and abuse of power?
I am going to stop at this point and share with you. 

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