let’s talk about flu

Well, at almost midday on October 10th 2013, it is running very close to the deadline, are Steel and the Diocese going to going to be able to block me reaching Jersey tomorrow in order to infect the island with flu?

ah, they are scared of flu, the church of england are, scared of many worldly things, they upheld the media in promoting ‘media scare flu’ the other year, that virus that they gave a click name ‘H1N1 and showed how the world can be turned into a flock of panicking sheep by something that doesn’t even exist, and the Archbishp, Bishop and church leaders endorsed that, preventing communion to prevent a fake disease from being spead, and showing just how devoid of Christianity and faith in God the church of england is!

It was a joke, instead of using individual cuplets for wine at communion or ignoring media scare flu as the worldy disease it is, the church of england latched onto it as another way of glorifying themselves in the media and getting a pat on the back from the media in return for spreading the fear and propaganda.

In Jersey, certain ministers ‘prepared for deaths’ from media scare flu, even though the media scare flu was not even a killer, it was a mild virus that people recovered from quickly and well, no-one in Jersey died, but the media in the UK tried to force deaths to be caused by media scare flu and the doctors bumped up the statistics in order to also stay in line, and yet, media scare flu neither caused as many deaths nor did as much physical harm to people as the normal winter flue did.
Ah well, I have flu and I am still on my feet, so who am I to talk? Last year flu put me in a hostel for three nights due to my asthma and the chest infection that flu caused, and earlier this year I was horrendously ill with pneumonia, media scare flu, Jersey flu, and HG flu back to Jersey to share the germs, share the fun and scare the hell out of those reading this who think I might go back.

The police will be guarding all ports tomorrow and maybe for a week or two.

I wrote to the Bishop and Jane Fisher about media scare flu while they were destroying me, and asked why the church of england were using a fake scare and propaganda to glorify themselves and promote a worldly and dishonest scandal, but they had no adequate reply, they just continued to destroy me, and my church that week avoided communion as commanded by the Bishop, but gathered for a ‘bring and share lunch afterwards, where the hugging and kissing so forbidden by the church for the sake of media scare flu, was carried out at the bring and share lunch instead, isn’t that ridiculous?!

Elizabeth Hall continues to ignore my complaint about Jane Fisher and leave her as a danger to vulnerable adults, which is also ridiculous, Jane Fisher is more dangerous than media scare flu, because she is a real danger, not propaganda, not made up.

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