Dear Heather Steel,

I gather, despite my formal complaints against your involvement that you have continued to be involved in my complaint despite the fact that you are conflicted.
Basically you have hijacked the complaint and because of the fact that you are conflicted and thus I am unable to give evidence because a) you already have an agenda that is nothing to do with upholding my complaint, and b) I do not want to meet you because you are not credible and are close friends of people who have harmed me, you should not be involved and are continuing to harm me by your involvement.
Why should I give evidence to you when it has been made very clear to me that you are conflicted, not least in the advertisement in the JEP by the laity of the Jersey churches, who name you as representing them and provide your contact details as such, and when questioned about this by Bob Hill and others, you have no answer.
Bob tells me that all of a sudden, after total silence for months, you have made contact with him, claiming you never got his emails, how coincidental, Dame Steel, how coincidental, coming just after my BBC Jersey report and Bob’s blog about you. 
Dame Steel, why would I give evidence to someone as dishonest as you? You have hijacked my complaint, you are known to be conflicted, and you are known to be a close colleague of Senator Bailhache who ran a shameful, unchristian and deeply bigoted and unchristian smear campaign against me on behalf of the Dean, who has done wrong.
Tell me, if you are representing the Jersey church, as you were advertised as doing, in an advertisement  by the church laity, (who were amusingly anonymous but I can name them and so can a number of people), why are you asking for my evidence?
Basically I am as intimidated by you and your involvement as many witnesses in Jersey are by your involvement and they wont step forward because they know you are conflicted and they fear your close colleague Senator Bailhache, because there are many examples of lives ruined for speaking up.
You are not just conflicted but you are unbalancing an enquiry and ensuring that it is not fair or impartial, your recent contact with Bob Hill is nothing short of a joke.
Firstly, I have asked you to withdraw, I have asked the police, the Diocese and the OJC to ensure that you withdraw, because you are preventing justice, you have hijacked my complaint and prevented me from giving evidence and I have no confidence in you whatsoever, especially as you have been openly advertised as representing the Jersey church, the JEP advert where you are named as their representative is available to all, and it is how I Got your contact details, because you had no intention of getting in contact with me.
Your reply to my outrage was to coldly call me Miss Walter.

This was after you rudely and illegally attempted to access my court records through my former advocate who failed me and let the diocese of Winchester destroy me.
You didn’t introduce yourself to me or ask me before attempting to access my records. You simply violated my privacy, dragged me back to the advocate who let me down and tried to illegally get my records.

You will undoubtedly claim in your report that I refused to speak to you, but this email is to be published on the blog I run in answer to your rape-like violations of my life and privacy and the harm you are doing and will do to me on behalf of the church in Jersey who you are representing at the same time as hijacking my complaint against them.
The reason I will not give evidence to Dame Heather Steel is because she is conflicted, has been rude to me and is named as representing the Jersey churches in a full page advertisement in the JEP, she has caused me deep pain by attempting to access my court records through my former advocate without my permission, thus dragging me back into the past and the horror of that biased trial where I had no voice. Dame Steel has no concern whatsoever for my distress, just as the Diocese do not, and I am being severely psychologically harmed both by her continued involvement while she is named as representing the other side and also by her rudeness, dishonesty, and refusal to withdraw, while the police and OJC have not withdrawn her, even though this is a formal complaint, and there is no way the police or anyone else can justify continuing to invalidate it, and the harm being inflicted by waiting for her biased report that continues the damage that the Korris report did, I must not be made to suffer another day of waiting for Steel to harm me in the complaint she hijacked. She is to be withdrawn.

I the complainant object to her involvement as she is conflicted and has hijacked my complaint, I the complainant have a right to call for her withdrawal, if this complaint is anything other than a farce, then why have my concerns not been addressed? Dame Steel has made no attempt to allay anyone’s concerns, nor has the Diocese, nor have the police, and in the case of Jersey police’s involvement, there is also a conflict of interests, but again, the diocese refused to even respond to our concerns.

I forbid your enquiry again and I again bring this matter to the police and OJC as a formal complaint and I now say that I am making this a formal complaint of harassment against Dame Heather Steel, the police are obliged to stop this woman from inflicting further harm on me as they have failed so far to do, there is no reason for me to go on living under the stress of this dishonest and conflicted woman’s violation of me and interference in my complaint.
The Bishop has been told that she is conflicted and has been asked to withdraw her, in this email he is being asked again to withdraw her, as are the police and the OJC.
I enclose links to my blog and Bob’s blog about this matter.
I hereby officially and formally complain, to the police, the OJC and any other parties who read this, that Dame Steel’s continued hijack of my complaint is a criminal offence of harassment because it is harming my health and character and because she is representing the deanery of Jersey, who my complaint was about, and she is advertised as representing them and has made no effort to either explain why or refute the advert where they put her forward as their representative.
I do not have Dame Steel’s date of Birth or address for this complaint, but as the police know who judge Dame HEather Steel is, they cannot use the lack of detail to excuse negligence and refuse to make this woman withdraw from harassing me as a result, after all, they have repeatedly beaten and imprisoned me purely for trying to get the Diocese to deal with my complaint and bring justice. So there is no excuse whatsoever for Dame Steel to be harrassing me in response to a complaint made five years ago that is none of her business.
ps. I am not taking my blog down, I suffered two unfair trials, having been beaten and imprisoned for the Diocese of Winchester, I was not able to give my evidence in those trials, my side of things, and this situation with a conflicted judge hijacking my complaint is no different from those trials and thus I will now speak through my blog, if anyone wants me arrested for that, then it is time that those who have done me harm and are doing me harm also face trial, especially Dame Steel and Jane Fisher.

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  1. Two things to say: First, I state again that Dame Steel is not dealing with my complaints.
    Second, I expect my complaint about the Steel inquiry to be dealt with -probably in five years time, after she has ruined me.

  2. Dame Steel has never made any attempt to clarify or reassure. Don't you think if she was genuine she would have seen the confusion she was causing and clarified things?

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