Dame Heather Steel – an extract from Bob’s blog

Here is an extract from Bob’s blog, he can come after me with great vengeance for copying it if he likes.

Unfortunately I have not received a reply and one is left to wonder whether Dame Heather is incredibly busy, inefficient or just rude. On her appointment Bishop Tim Dakin, said, “We are enormously grateful that Dame Heather has offered her considerable expertise to us all. As I have said before, we cannot stress enough the importance of safeguarding. We are committed to understanding fully the circumstances of this complaint and to ensuring that we take whatever action is required to ensure that our Church is a safe haven for the vulnerable

I just have to comment on the above.

For months, Dame Steel has ignored Bob Hill, and refused to answer his queries.
Suddenly, apparently as a coincidence, rather than the fact Bob Has done a blog on her and I have published a statement on the BBC saying that her inquiry does not represent my complaints. She contacts Bob. Claiming never to have got his emails! The mind boggles! 
She claims that she contacted me (when it was the other way round) and that I refused to be interviewed and that was that.

Interesting how she refused to deal with the issues that led to my ‘refusal to be interviewed’!!!
She made no more effort on that, she just ticked that box and moved on.

Moving on.

Tim Dakin claims they will do whatever it takes to make the church a haven for the vulnerable.
I hate to be the one to break it to him but the church is currently a club for older middle class people, and the only way to make it a haven is to turn over the tables and drive the rich out. Because as long as it is a club for the rich and those who desire status, the vulnerable are not welcome unless they can be of use in some way to these rich people, that is firmly the case in the diocese of Winchester and I suffered 13 years of this, ending in my destroyal and homelessness.

In the meantime, despite all his statements about safeguarding and the vulnerable, he has consistently, throughout this matter, failed to safeguard me, let me do a little list of blatant safeguarding failures:

  • Violently forcing into my life with the police
  • publishing the Korris report without my views and covering up for my main destroyer, Jane Fisher
  • Refusing to explain why I have been traced and refusing to explain anything
  • Threatening me
  • Allowing the Jersey Deanery hate campaign against me – I cannot imagine how he can claim to be commited to safeguarding with the damage this has done and is doing, and still he refuses to stop those in his employ from slandering me in the press.
  • Allowing vouyeristic journalists such as Peter Ould to add to this hate campaign
  • Allowing a conflicted enquiry and ignoring complaints about it
  • Trying to make me get a friend to read emails from him instead of communicating through my mediator, Bob Hill

Basically, he has not shown any concern for me, only contempt, his claims about safeguarding are empty and he has used me as a pawn in a game, I am not the reason for this war, I am being used in it and scapegoated and Tim Dakin has the audacity to claim that it is to do with safeguarding!

Just to add, Dame Steel and John Gladwin were offered the opportunity to gain any evidence they needed from me by arranging an independent interviewer.
They ignored this.
I will not meet with Dame Steel as she is conflicted and is advertised as representing the interests of the Jersey church.

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