Apparently Dame Heather Steel is finally contacting Bob Hill but is in ‘The closing Stages of her report’ ie she is going to be allowed to proceed to destroy me and nothing has been done, she has not got my evidence and has not attempted to resolve the concerns that prevent my evidence being heard.
She tells Bob Hill that she was not supposed to investigate my deportartion.
So WHY did she attempt to access my court records without my permission.
Why exactly did the diocese of Winchester need to trace me, threaten me and stitch me up through Steel?
Email to the OJC, police and Bishop of Winchester,

I made a complaint of harrassment about Dame Steel and she is being allowed to proceed and destroy me further through a report that has hijacked my complaint and does not contain my evidence, why is my complaint against her conflicted involvement being ignored when I have made this complaint repeatedly and she is advertised as representing the Jersey deanery and has not got my evidence and has been aware of my concerns all along, as have the diocese, and nothing has been done!

I have made a formal complaint against Steel for the severe psychological harm she has inflicted by proceeding when she is conflicted and thus hijacking my complaint and ensuring that I cannot give evidence.
apparently she is in the ‘closing stages’ of this form of inflicting harm and preventing my complaint.
I know the diocese are criminally negligent and have been hell-bent on destroying me, but this Dame Steel thing is henious and I want her arrested.
I want her prevented from harming me and p[ublishing a report that is ludicrously supposed to be about my complaing even though she represents the Jersey Deanery and is conflicted and will harm me and will have absolved the wrongdoers at my expense.
Why is it that the OJC got this complaint months ago and have still not adequately dealt with it and prevented this woman from destroying me for the diocese who have already destroyed me?
Why is it that the police are criminally negligent in allowing this harm to me?
I have had to give up college and my sponsored walk and pastoral care and therapy while the continued distress of this, coupled with the Jersey Deanery smear campaign, continues to wreck my life.
Not that anything is worth anything since jane Fisher had me destroyed in Jersey and Winchester and Sussex.

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