cover ups and smears

Good morning,
I guess I had better make a start on some blogwork today, mainly because of the trauma and exhaustion this whole matter has brought on, it is hard to work with it.
I gather that my letter has caused certainly people to turn purple and snort and huff, as is the way of a certain class of people when their ‘dignity is affronted’ (that is such a cool phrase).

Basically it remains the case that this whole matter is too much of a burden to me and shouldn’t have been placed on me at all, it was in the past, unresolved as it was, but it isn’t going to be better resolved the way it is being handled.

So, apart from starting to bring you full postings of my experience, I guess I should start telling you some of the myths I have been hearing and setting them, and the Korris report straight again.

I guess I had also better say that the JEP is not known as Jersey’s Evening Propaganda for nothing, if it is in their interests or the interests of anyone connected to them, then they can distort a story beyond recognition, they are also famous for refusing to allow comments about some subjects or only publishing comments that bias to one side of things, for example, in my case, they only go against me and allow comments and letters against me. Although, they have published some of Bob Hill’s letters, but have ‘clipped’ his letters and refused to allow his mention of my arrest and ‘deportation’.

Is it surprising? The JEP is overseen by the brother of the churchwarden who abused me.
He also seems to have his share of problems.

I think it was Bruce Willing who claimed that I was going for compensation from the Diocese of Winchester.
This is completely unfounded, the last thing I would do, mainly because the Diocese are a business, a vicious, callous corporation, and I am very tired, I would not be able to go up against them.
When this whole wretched story broke and turned my life upside down, several people approached me to offer to assist me in getting compensation and arranging the help I needed to do so, but I said no thank you, because all the money in the world would not undo what has been done, and all the money in the world would not restore my health that would be further harmed by the attempt to sue the diocese, and I can muster no interest in sueing them, because it would not change them or restore me.
So let’s bust the sueing myth now.

Bruce Willing claims I have made numerous previous complaints in Hampshire and Guernsey, but actually the diocese of Winchester can’t lie and say that there were any complaints made previous to my complaint about the churchwarden in Jersey, any subsequent complaints that are considered to exist would be because people who have previously harmed me have involved themselves in the Jersey complaint.

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