Christian/ UnChristian

Good morning.
I hoped to post something yesterday but therapy, travelling, tiredness and Dame Steel’s damnation of me meant I didn’t get anything done.

Last night I met with my friend and we went to a cafe and talked.
She told me that I will be higher up the ladder to heaven than my destroyers when I go.
I told her that as far as they are concerned I am going to hell.

What I do not understand, again, is why the Diocese of Winchester were able to force back into my life and leave me in distress while allowing Steel to destroy me, what exactly has it achieved except making living impossible and and anguished for me?
There is nothing more unforgiving and unchristian than this whole matter of launching on me and dragging up the past to damn me, if God has forgiven me my real sins, why much this cover-up that makes me out to be something terrible brand me permenantly unforgiven?

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