Following Dame Heather’s damning one-sided report against me, which I had simply been waiting in distress for for months, I am left with utterly no hope.
During my time in Jersey, when I broke down and was suffering badly, a friend, George, sent me this song to help me.

George was a long-time friend of my family, someone my parents ‘approved of’, and had been my sister’s boyfriend for a number of years until all of a sudden she couldn’t stand him, and no-one knew why.
When my Dad died, it became apparent that the family, apart from my mum, did not want George around, and slowly, because I had been so far distant from the family, I learned that George had been behaving badly.
Then he was arrested for child pornography and child kidnap, and last thing I heard, he was in prison.
This was all a shock to me, I had had no idea that he was a peadophile and had tried it on with my underage sister.
George had always made an effort to come round if I has been to see the family, and I just thought he was a harmless friend.
Along with the troubles in Jersey and Dad’s death and the family falling apart, George being arrested was another massive shock to my system, and I  could not listen to this comforting song until recently.

Although, after what DameSteel and the Jersey Deanery have done to damn me, very little can ever bring comfort, even my psychologist cannot do much, because he cannot change the terrible circumstances that I am in, there is no way I can build a life on the way I have been damned by a one-sided report, which involved witness statements from people who were not even involved, but which omits my side of things.

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