I have rights. I have not complained about my homelessness to anyone since the Diocese launched this prolonged attack on my life, surely they can see that I am complaining to them about their terrible handling of me and this whole situation and not about my homelessness.
My homelessness has been the one thing that has kept me alive and sane, and after everything they have done to harm me, they want to rip my homelessness from me without my consent, since when did I lose my human rights?

Anway. Observation two, I have said this a few times recently but never thought to blog it. I have an anger problem but only ever a provoked anger problem, not that that excuses it, see my post on attachment disorder. But the thing I have said is, my anger hurts me at least as much as it hurts anyone who I lose my temper with, and the guilt and shame stay with me, I take it to confession but I remain scarred by every single episode of temper loss.
Thus the villification of me is pointless. it does not cure me, or make me less angry or take away the fact that I have to be provoked or the fact that wrong has been done to me, even if the Church of England refuse to record that.

I do have a regular reader on here from/on behalf of the Diocese of Winchester, but I wonder, is their motive to record what I am writing and rubbish it? Observe, or see if they can have me put away like Stuart was put away? To see if I am doing anything they can bring charges against me for?
Or, highly unlikely, my side of things is actually being recorded?

This blog is being saved by other people in other countries, and will be reproduced liberally if anything happens to me.

My other blog, which I linked to this, will really give you some insight into my side of things and what I have been through in my years on the streets, but you have to go back and start at the beginning, in October 2011, and not be put off by the scruffy tail end of things this October, when two years of blogging came to an end because of the desparate damage caused by the Diocese of Winchester.
My blog is The Wanderer, two years of day-to-day life on the streets, uncut, raw and real.

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