Sue God? Just out of interest

I can tell you from experience, such experiences will have affected his children badly.

I have to say, as I blog about anything and everything, I cannot imagine the outcome of sueing God, if you win damages, will God pay? How does it affect the afterlife for you? And does God represent Himself in court against one of his representatives.
I don’t think I will sue God, He is big enough to forgive my sins, He is kind enough to let me sit here and blog about anything and everything.

I don’t think anyone can be told to sue God and not their employers, God did not pay this man’s wages, his diocese did. God will not accept being sued and pay in cash, He does not work that way. The Vicar is entitled to take his case to God, but at the same time, if He is not being suppoted through his problems by his diocese, then he has a case against them? Why did his Diocese not help him?

The Rev who is sueing, says that he has not been supported by his diocese. This reminds me of Juliet saying the same of the Diocese of Winchester about her overload of work and her marriage problems, and saying she took her marriage problems to Bishop Trevor Willmott, the then Bishop of Basingstoke, (now Peter Ould’s Bishop and not controlling his antics while he is in his diocese).

I wonder, how can dioceses support their priests better? Cover ups for abuse and misconduct not included.

We don’t know the full story of the Vicar. But I think Suing God sounds like the opposite of what a Clergyman should be doing, and if his Diocese upheld that, then they need a rethink.

The Church of England is supposedly God’s representative, so that is who to sue, simple.

Do excuse me for blogging about anything and everything. But I do think the Church of England has some slight flaws at Diocesan level.

The problem is with Press articles is that you never know the full story.


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