decrease to increase

The church of England standard cop-out is ‘You have no right to judge’.

Well, the church of england is the single most judgemental organization I have known, and usually the ‘don’t judge’ cry is in reply to a response to them being judgemental.

I agree, don’t judge is a good attitude a lot of the time, but it is the case, and even the Bible tells us, there are times when we should admonish and correct, and that is what I have been taught by my Catholic mentors.

My Catholic friend is shy but fierce about morals and the faith, she has been known to admonish a Priest who was wearing aftershave and chatting with the ladies.

‘Father it is wrong, remember we have to decrease in order to increase’.

I admire her courage, she is shy.
I am shy, I do not like to speak up, believe it or not, nor do I want to do a blog of judgement and argument. I want to tell you about my story.
I spoke up in Jersey because things are terribly wrong in the church of england there and I was treated appallingly and some damaging and unChristian practice goes on there.


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