The Jersey Bloggers

I should be walking to try and get some food, but I am tempted to sit here and blog a while.

I thought I would write about the Jersey bloggers.

Jersey has a group of Islanders who blog about articles in the news, and as you know, the links to their blogs are here on my blog.

The bloggers tend to write about articles in the news, and tend to investigate these articles in-depth, bringing up sides of things that the mainstream media prefer not to discuss and things that the government seem reluctant to share with the general public.

It was through Bob Hill, that I actually found out about the Korris report, because although the Diocese of Winchester had senselessly traced me through the police, they did not tell me about the Korris report, and the Diocese of Winchester were completely unclear as to what they had had me traced for at all.

All I had heard after the police traced me, was some aimless waffle from one of the Bishop’s staff, and then the hate campaign against me by the Jersey Deanery, led by Senator Bailhache, so I was surprised to come across Bob’s blog, and find that it wasn’t all hatred and slander as the Jersey Deanery were producing, it was actually quite kind, quite supportive, although misled by the Korris report, as the comments on the blog were to a certain extent.
Because the comments and blog were so supportive, I contacted Bob, and he wanted to know more of my side, although in the confusion he does not seem to have ever completely got my story.

Anyway, at the time I had email conversations with Bob, and he encouraged me to speak to him on Skype, which was difficult due to me being homeless and not being able to skype anywhere private or with a decent signal.

Through Bob, I got to know the other Jersey bloggers, who have done many blogs about my situation and the circumstances surrounding the Jersey matter. The problem has been, that the Korris report has influenced a lot of people and the Korris report is inaccurate and did not include an interview with me and thus does not tell my side of things accurately.
I am astounded at Winchester for producing a report that omitted my side of things, and then proceeding with the Steel investigation and continuing to omit my side of things and ignore protests that Steel was conflicted.

Anyway, the bloggers have kept blogging about my case, but the Church of England have not listened to them, or me, and we have been bypassed at every point of this investigation, apart from when Bob Hill pushed for an interview with John Gladwin, and we were seen briefly and further meetings promised, never occured. It has not been a fair or properly managed investigation at any point, and I am grateful to Bob and the bloggers for being my only voice, and inspiring me to do my own blog on the matter despite bullying and rudeness from church of england priest and part time sex blogger, Peter Ould.

I am not sure why the Church of England, after making such a huge fuss about safeguarding and pretended to care about my welfare, have allowed one of their employees, Peter Ould, to keep bullying me and rubbishing me and acting on behalf of the Jersey Deanery, especially as he is neither part of the Diocese of Winchester nor the Deanery of Jersey, and all in all, why they allow him, as an ordained priest to interfere as he has, damage a me, a vulnerable adult, or even, if they have any morals left, allow him to blog about sex? It is all pretty dire, and kind of makes any credibility on the church of England’s part vanish.

The Jersey bloggers have done their best to present the less publicized side of things, what the mainstream media omit and some of my side of things although they do not fully know my side firsthand and sometimes rely on the Korris report.

I am grateful to the bloggers for doing their best to help and support me and ensure that my side, which some of the Jersey media try to quash, is heard.
I have been deeply damaged and hurt by the hate campaign by the Jersey Deanery and their efforts to portray me as a violent, insane troublemaker etc, while my side of things has been omitted from their less than balanced media, where the bias is less than fair.

Neither the Korris report nor any other media tells my full story, the story of how I was got in for a punishment by the police the day they told me by email that they had let my abuser go, nothing is told of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how I was shunned in the Jersey churches for reporting the church warden and how Jane Fisher denied that from the mainland and blamed me, and told me my abuser was ‘a Christian who got things wrong’, despite the fact that by then she must have known his history.
What a terrible thing for a safeguarding officer to tell an abuse survivor who’s wounds were raw, and she continued in that vein for many months, while protecting the Jersey Deanery members who were maligning me, shunning me and causing me harm as a result of me reporting the church warden.
There is so much that the Korris report and media simply do not tell you, but the bloggers have done their best on the material that they have got, to represent the side of things that is not heard, and I am grateful to them.

Unfortunately I feel that the bloggers are never going to be heard by the majority, and neither am I, nor is there ever going to be a full, balanced and effective investigation. The last nine months Winchester investigation has been a shambolic, deeply harmful mess, that has wasted a lot of money and achieved pretty much nothing, and it continues with Bishops going to Jersey where they have the choice of bowing to the Jersey way or being told where to go.
Bishop Dakin’s recent statement was so utterly incongruent and lacking in sense or direction, and surely the church hierachy must question why he did this high-profile investigation while treating me like dirt and not including my side of things or allowing me to answer accusations made against me by his Jersey Deanery.

The whole investigation by the Bishop has been lacking in integrity because of the way it has focussed only on the Dean and completely omitted my complaint about Jane Fisher and Bishop Scott-Joynt and the vast damage they did to me from Jersey through to my return to Winchester and onwards, completely inaccurately described by the Korris report, which shows strongly how the Korris report was deeply influenced by Jane Fisher.

The Jersey Bloggers and Polo have been great in being a voice for me, even when they only had the Korris report to go on, and it remains difficult for me to be a voice for myself because I am so traumatized.

The Jersey bloggers are a voice for the voiceless and speak out about things that are hidden, credit to them.

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