Polo Toons

The clergy already knew that they are beyond discipline from the Diocese, they told me so in 2010.
The Bishop couldn’t have done more damage if he had tried.
But he could have tried to be reasonable to me, and not taken Jane Fisher’s advice/attitude.
The last thing I needed was this idiot threatening me and treating me like dirt.


7 thoughts on “Polo Toons

  1. I called the Bishop of Winchester an idiot! I must go to confession:
    'Father I called the Bishop an idiot!'
    'Well done, my Child, the Lord will bless you'.

  2. In the first place the Bishop is exonerated only of reinstating the Dean, which is a bit of a laugh really because he hadn't the power to suspend him in the first place. The most positive aspect of this is that it is clear that the Dean is anything but exonerated and that we now have a clear explanation of why the Bishop was able to jump the gun with his disciplinary announcement. Pathetic.

    In the second place, I did notice the fangs when I was doing the Pest page above and checked back the source of the picture to the Winchester Diocese site, just in case I was taking on a photo that had already been doctored. No, that's him.

    In the third place, if you look closely enough at the picture I do not think it needs any cartooning. The man is a perfect cartoon.

    In the fourth place, he has treated you very badly. When the Jersey abuse happened the church treated you abominably. Then it disrespected you by forcing its attentions on you directly and not through Bob as had been arranged. So you have been abused by Winchester and they effectively have no jurisdiction in Jersey. So what is the use of them at all. They might as well pull up the tent and go home.

  3. They do not have a tent, and if they do, they should lend it to me and I will camp on their front lawn. You are all welcome to join me, bring food.
    The Bishop is a prat. I have decided that and will not be dissuaded.
    Jane Fisher is also a prat, I have evidence saying so.

  4. Hopefully, with your growing body of supporters, it's a marquee and not a tent would be needed. Judging from the cartoons, there would be plenty of space on the lawn.

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