former readers of ‘Homeless’ will remember this from December 3rd 2011

Saturday, 3 December 2011

the bewilderment of survivors

These church leaders are supposed to lead us
as we walk with The Lord
so where is their leadership in their denial
and their turning away from the Word

These priests are supposed to shepherd us
and keep us safe in God and truth
so why are they allowed to abuse and lie
and be above the law and aloof

They are human, not Gods
they should not escape
and be able to please themselves
and abuse and rape

No! rather their lofty positions
should mete out greater punishment for wrong
than the rest of the populaion

because when a priest abuses
it is the worst form of abuse
because of the spiritual damage
it does to those they use

we are all human! is the cry of the church in denial
but if someone is consecrated to God
and abuses or aids an abuser
then they are worse than any other abuser
Not ‘qualified to escape punishment because of their postion’
They should not be protected by the church, they should not be able to stand
and see their victim destroyed by church policy
they should receive the greatest punishment for doing the unthinkable to the little lambs in their flock


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