Today’s post.
Well the weather is a bit rough today, and yesterday and tomorrow. for once the Daily Express’s Hysteria about the weather appears to be correct.

Yesterday evening I battled through weather and rush hour and pain to see my friends.
It was worth it, I was delighted when I got there that they had got me a real little Christmas tree, all decorated with lights and baubles and in a pot.

We went shopping, and so I have another load of groceries and goodies.
And then we had a meal and a good old natter, so that was lovely.

It was very late last night when I got home. And I was tired and in pain, but it was all worth it.

I slept through the night, woke in pain at 7am and took painkillers, and then fell asleep until 10.15am!!!!!!!!!
The luxury of housedwelling, a lie in as the rain and wind batter the house.
It took me a few hours to sort myself out and then go in town to look for a new collar. I haven’t found one yet, so I will have to ask the phys or the doctor.
Haha, yes, I need a new neck collar, I haven’t worn one since Jersey, and I think it got left there, but the pain is so horrendous, even with 1000mg (prescribed) of ibuprophen and combination painkillers, which make me feel more ill.
Collars remind me of a female priest I know, who never wears her dog collar, and she got told off by a man at church for not wearing a collar, and so when she was sorting out leads and collars for her dogs, she tried on a studded dog collar and considered going to church wearing it. Ah, it did suit her 🙂

Well today I am going to see if I can arrange a physio appointment and then I am going to wrap up in my princess blanket and watch television, or the fish tank, depending on what is on 🙂 Tomorrow I am going to startle the gang by turning up at church wearing a coat, that’ll worry them!

Excuse the lack of historic posts, I can’t do much online at the moment and I am not well enough to focus on transferring posts from ‘homeless’ to this blog yet.


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