A number of links about Church based abuse. Judging by the way the Church of England are still treating survivors, they still lack the will to safeguard, and there are many voiceless victims. The Diocese of Winchester remains without safeguarding and priests are allowed to libel and attack already suffering survivors



What intrigued me about this third link originally when I posted it on ‘Homeless’ was some of the comments, I am startled to see that the comments have been removed. I am not homophobic, but no ordained priest should abuse their position, not Peter Ould with his bullying and sex blog, not a gay priest or even a straight priest using their position to lure vulnerable people in for sex, it is wrong if any person does it, it is much much more wrong when a priest, who should know right from wrong, deliberately behaves wrongly, and that includes the Jersey Deanery clergy and readers in their actions as a result of the abuse I suffered and the Dean’s suspension.


And here is an article Peter Ould won’t like, because what he himself does is a form of abuse, he abuses me in deriding me, he abuses the Church’s Christian ethic, what is left of it, he abuses God, and he abuses his own soul. Most of all, in attacking me, he abuses every survivor of the Church of England’s abuse, appalling safeguarding, cover ups and secrecy, and invalidates them and what they have been through, there is no excuse for Peter Ould, and the sooner he and his cronies leave my blog alone, the sooner God can consider forgiving them.


Here is another excellent link






I had no idea that other people went through the same as me when I was being abused by the church.


Abuse is universal and inexcusable, it ruins lives.









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