You rabble gotta behave now, we have a VIP viewing the blog 🙂

I however, am allowed to poke my tongue out at the Bishop if I so wish :p

We had Bishops on this blog today, so it needs fumigating.
What is Bishop Tim reading my blog for? ominous.
I think he got the wrong post. Bish, try the more recent ones.

Ah, the reason uncle Tim started on that letter post was that was what he was given the link to, a long time ago.
He is slow.
But if he tries to have this blog taken down, the response will be very spectacular and public, cos the Church of England does not own the press in the UK! Bring it on, Tim, this blog is saved by a number of people and you will cause uproar if you have me battered and locked up again for writing my truth after having to hear your untruths in the press!

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