Here are random thoughts, apparently the Diocese of Winchester wasted nearly half a million pounds damaging lives, especially mine, and yet in the end they apparently tried to palm me off to the NSPCC, which would have cost them nothing?! Cheapskate! They could have given me some of that half a million to live on, seeing as I am ruined and will be unlikely to get out of poverty in the remainder of my crippled life, and the NSPCC is entirely inappropriate, they are, sketchily, there to help children who are being abused, in theory, and have none of the resources to deal with a severely traumatized and displaced adult, but I guess that because the Diocese wouldn’t have to pay them, as they are a charity, that is why the Diocese tried to palm me off on them after wasting half a million pounds.

The most frustrating thing is that the Diocese have got away with all this appalling mess, and no-one is holding them to account, Archbishop Wonga has not only allowed but condoned the damage, the Queen and Prime Minister are not interested, and so the Diocese have got away with flaying me and wrecking the rebuild of my life and leaving me profoundly damaged on top of the previous unhealed damage.


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