From ‘Homeless’ written on 25/01/2012 I was mistaken about being free from them, and in a way I knew it, because I know Jane Fisher

Psychology: The Bishop and diocese were involved in my life still, albeit against my wishes, so my emails to them were about the pain they were causing me, and about my life and anguish, after all they had taken my friends and I had to tell someone. 
(note, this is about Jane Fisher and the Bishop hounding me in Winchester in 2010/11 and having me brutalized and locked up for my response, I couldn’t really have responded any other way in the terrible circumstances).
I can’t bear to go to evensong, what they are singing about in there is totally at odds with what the church is. And yet so many of those elderly people have no idea at all that that is the case and the shock could kill them.

There are lots of groups and sites and people on facebook and Youtube offering support and solidarity to anyone who has suffered abuse in the church.

I am relieved to realise that in a lot of ways I am now free from the diocese, though the damage remains forever.

Missing Hampshire and my old community that I was alienated from by the Diocese of Winchester, I wrote this on 12/01/2012:
How I long for my home and the people I used to be close to.


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