random – attachment disorder

Good morning, I am waiting to return to my therapy and just musing quietly, because I cannot afford any books on attachment disorder.How to help attachment disorder in my case: Lots of solitude, sitting here by myself, just doing my own thing, I am not lonely, my friends are within reach but I am better…


Duh, I have been to wound up to think about the Steel report and all that.Whoever brought legal representation against the Diocese over the Steel Report must have known what was in the Steel Report.Duh, I guess all the bloggers and everyone must have known all that, but I am a bit dumb.

New year’s Revolutions

I am sitting here thinking about New Years Revolutions to to do: I came up with this: Revolution 1: Convert the Diocese of Winchester to Christianity.Revolution 2:Revolution 3: Well, seeing as Revolution 1 is such a massive impossible task, I think I had better focus on that, and forget about things like giving up swearing…

Bob in the moon

I will post this just because I am still worried about Uncle Bob being in the moon and ILM with his hands somewhere they shouldn’t be. http://photopol.com/jersey/olixmas.htmlHaha, Bob just online when I wrote this. I will do a post later about that Christmas in Jersey. 😦

Christmas Prayers and Greetings

I will start my Christmas prayers and Christmas greetings by repeating my prayers from earlier. I pray for all those without power because of the weather, anyone suffering flooding or wind or storm damage, anyone trying to get home and being thwarted by the weather, anyone stuck far from home, anyone who is cold and…