Vicars with problems

Here is an article being tweeted this weekend.

There are a lot of comments on this article in the Daily Mail online, but, I think one of the problems is to do with the Church of England’s selection process.
As I have probably written previously, JM often shared professional confidences with me, including telling me about how wrong the selection process had been with two of her readers who were a couple, she told me how the panel selected one of the couple as a reader and rejected the other.
Now I knew this couple well, and knew that they were equally suitable, right down to their church of england attitude to the vulnerable, but now, the church of england are so desparate, they will take anyone on, anyone who says that they want a free house, half expenses paid and the respect that the dog collar will earn them.
Although JM used to complain about her salary, which at the time was only £16,500 plus house and half expenses.
Those of you who do not know, JM used to confide the confidences of her work and life and the lives of many of her parishioners to me on our daily walks.

So, a man with piercings and perverse habits can quite easily end up as a priest. Not that I am anti-piercings, but, why would a man who loves God need metal stuck in him? Just the same as, why would a man who loves God need to put a burning stick in his mouth?
More seriously and most importantly, how can a man with such perversions, which damage each and every child used in the pornography for life, be a servant of God?


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