For those who are not sure what I am angry about:

Firstly, the ‘help’ described in the Bishop’s bonkers press release about the Steel report, was the Diocese referring me to the NSPCC without my consent or permission, basically this was an illegal act that breached my human rights, and in response the Diocese received the legal letter that is posted on this blog several times.
And as you will have seen, Jimmy Saville, while abusing, was working for the NSPCC, while his victims helplessly looked on and had no-one to turn to, if your abuser works for the charity that is supposed to help you, what can you do?
And added to that, the NSPCC are trying to prevent themselves being accountable by preventing a single overarching enquiry, no wonder the Diocese of Winchester get on so well with the NSPCC! The Diocese just did a handful of enquiries supposedly about my complaint and omitted me from their enquiries!

Secondly the Diocese were told clearly to leave me alone, even if I was seriously mentally ill, their violations of my life and constant provokation of me is inhumane, harassment and completely unethical, and in 2010 to 2011, they repeatedly had me beaten and locked up, attempting to brand me insane and failing and telling not the whole truth to the police and court, ie omitting the fact they were provoking me and claiming they were only trying to help me, omitting the fact that I was protesting against their interference and had not agreed to or asked for their help.
The Diocese of Winchester, even now, after the legal letter, will not leave off, and, thanks to some prankster, have had the excuse to launch on me over some money that is nothing at all to do with me.

At times like this I feel that only death will get the Diocese of Winchester off me and they are likely to drive me to my death if they are not stopped. They are a wrecking ball diocese, led by a wrecking ball Bishop!

On a lighter note and a change of subject, I have started taking 5-HTP again, this is a natural anti-depressant because I cannot take the chemical ones, a lot of medicines make me ill, anti-depressants make me very ill.
5-HTP makes me headachy but it helps lift my mood.
I have to take it during the day, not at night as it can trigger nightmares and bizarre dreams, and I get enough of those, so I take it during the day and will continue the herbal sleep remedy at night in the hope of helping me sleep (she says at quarter past midnight when she should be asleep!).


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