brief complaint notes – note, the church of england refuse to even address this whole complaint even though they do not face the barriers that prevented them handling the Jersey situation properly

Complaint against Jane Fisher 4.

Example of lack of integrity: In May 2011, After Scott-Joynt retired, Jane Fisher sent me a subject box saying ‘Bishop Michael won’t be getting your emails as he is retired’, in court in Sussex it was claimed he had got emails from me since he retired, as well as ?text messages, he certainly never got text messages from me but how could he have got my emails since Jane Fisher said he would not be getting my emails? If Jane Fisher can be dishonest and lack integrity with vulnerable people to the point of damaging them, why is she being allowed to work with vulnerable people? She has never dealt with R. A. or F. M. but she put great effort into destroying me and succeeding in destroying me, wouldn’t it be great if she dealt with abusers like that and not victims? She seems to have got muddled in her job description, she thinks it is ‘destroying victims and protecting abusers’ not the other way round.

If Jane Fisher had done her job properly, I would still have quality of life, as it is, she has given me a record that means I can never seek help or protection from abuse ever again. I am essentially unforgiven and branded by so-called Christians, and still unable to exlain myself to any authorities and thus unable to be housed or helped even if I could cope with it.

The Dean has been cleared with claims he ‘acted in good faith’, I have no doubt that the Bishop, if he has even bothered with my complaint against Jane Fisher, which he has not acknowledged, would hope to do the same for Jane Fisher, but I cannot allow that, because if I do, I am standing by and letting vulnerable people be abused and damaged by Jane Fisher and even driven to criminal records and suicide. I am going to keep fighting for Jane Fisher to be removed no matter what she and the Diocese do to damage me, because she is more of a danger to vulnerable people than anyone in Jersey is.

In the Korris report, unspecified ‘innocent people’ were caught up in this by me, who? Especially in the last months, who? No innocent people were involved in the last months, and my reason for sending emails round other people was that Jane Fisher was not doing her job and was nasty to me, I wanted people to know that, to see that and to make her behave herself and do something, but instead of being shamed into doing her job, she used that against me as well.

The very fact that jane Fisher has exonerated her behaviour in the Korris report and given an account that protects herself shows her complete lack of integrity and the danger she is to vulnerable people as a result, if you can behave without integrity to exonorate yourself from your behaviour with a vulnerable person, then you should not be working alone with vulnerable people.


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