Diocese of Winchester, the Diocese without safeguarding

stalkerstat who keeps landing on the post about the nspcc, have you read the link on that page?
The Diocese of Winchester tried to send me to the nspcc, a child abuse organization which is against a single enquiry into Jimmy Saville, because the NSPCC employed him.
I am amused to see untruths about the Diocese’s safeguarding have been added in the comments there after what I and other vulnerable adults have experienced from the diocese and Jane Fisher.
I wonder if Luther Pendragon advised what to write?
The Diocese of Winchester have destroyed me in a way that means I will never have quality of life again, and spent 9 months of last year ripping me to shreds again for no apparent reason at all, I do not think their safeguarding has improved since I was in Jersey and suffering at the expense of their cover-up that even the Korris report described as a cover-up.

half a million pounds spent damaging my life and other lives is not good safeguarding.

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