NSPCC and Diocese

Trolls, protesters or defensive diocese people may protest, or old well-off people in the church of england may protest but the fact is that the diocese of Winchester did not and have not safeguarded me properly and have behaved appallingly, and yet they are the ones with the voice, I remain unheard, hence this blog.

Funny thing about the recent events, I emailed the Diocese to remind them to leave me alone after someone played a prank to do with money, a supposed donation for me, and I wont touch anything the church of england have handled, so I reminded them that I had asked to be left alone, I included Jane Fisher and Joyce in the email and reminded them to read the blog, and got stats on the blog from Southampton, where they live, some of which stats were ‘removed’, then the link to the Needle (excellent) blog, and my complaint about the diocese referring me to the NSPCC, and then comments claiming that the diocese of winchester are excellent at safeguarding and my comments were unfounded appeared.
Coincidence, but that person’s comment was unfounded as the glaringly incompetent and harmful actions of the diocese throughout last year show, and my comments are backed by evidence.

The NSPCC had Saville volunteering for them, Esther Rantzen, in her position with the NSPCC and Childline, knew about rumours about Jimmy Saville, and yet she did nothing, and during my childhood, the NSPCC did nothing to help me, even when I rang childline.
Can you imagine, if you are a victim and you see your abuser working for the charity that you should be able to turn to? I am horrified for Jimmy Savile’s victims, who must have met blank walls when they tried to get something done about him, not just blank walls from the NSPCC, but from everyone, who would not let such a ‘high profile’ and ‘charitable’ individual be defamed, or didn’t dare to take action or didn’t dare to do anything. Those Victims not only had the psychological damage of abuse, but also the psychological damage of being disbelieved or silenced or denied help or justice, often they may have been branded as trouble because of their problems and the protection of the man they reported, I know a bit of how that feels, because of how the church of england treated me.

And the Church of england, without my consent, tried to refer me to that Charity, which in itself was psychologically harmful, while costing the church nothing, and they claimed in their press statement to have ‘offered me help’, it remains a fact that a Childrens’ abuse charity with a bad name cannot help me, it also remains the fact that I was not asked by the diocese if I wanted their help or if I consented to the NSPCC or even if I had any issues that would make such a referral unethical! Which I do! 

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