This little story is going round the social media websites, it is heartening. Sometimes people understand autism because they know someone with it, sometimes people are just patient and kind.


I am not very tolerant of people, unless they are autistic.

I continue to struggle to understand why people who call themselves Christians, along with the police, have destroyed me and been untruthful about it and excused themselves.
Members of my family have abused, stolen, vanadlized, drunk-driven and other crimes and yet they have not ended up with a criminal record nor have they ended up destroyed.
I was destroyed because the Diocese of Winchester refused to deal with my complaint, employed people with a history of abuse, would not stop violating my human rights, and yet I am desroyed for answering back, I am destroyed for being vulnerable and abused, while people who commit worse crimes, including the abusers who have abused me, get off with no record, no homelessness, no destroyal.
And the way I have been destroyed is permenant, I cannot build any sort of life with the record I have been given, a record that excludes what has happened to me.
I am in poverty, in fear of the diocese, and with no money, no hope and no future, and undoubtedly back on the streets very soon unless someone intervenes on my side, not behind my back.


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