Again, before JM teamed up with the Dean and the churchwarden to damn me because her husband’s behaviour got brought into things, JM had known about what I told her about her husband for 7 years by then and still blamed me even though his daughter also made allegations, but we remained friends


Dear ******,
Of course you belong somewhere, I just believe it will be on a much more equal basis, not one based on need on either side which can so easily become exploiting – I hope you understand what I mean by that – it is basically that you were locked into a dodgy relationship, even when you had bad feelings about what was happening, because you so wanted/needed it to be alright.
You have a lot to offer another person/people, and you have a personality which attracts people in good ways, – just think about how there have always been people there for you even when times have been bad. One day you will make your dream come true not by finding some saintly person/people who want someone they can do good to, but by accepting yourself as being good enough, and realizing that you can both give and receive love and support with a person/people whom you can love and trust.
Many thanks for the lovely card, I have noted the caption on the front which says ‘Hey Mummy’, I have to say you are looking very well, your nose looks healthy and wet, sad eyes I can understand at the moment, but I am seriously worried about your ears – you have obviously been wearing heavy earrings!
Keep hanging in there, you are doing well, I am praying for you.
Lots of love,

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