Terrible, a disgrace

I am supposed to be showering and going out. But here I am, blogging.

Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt, when I was homeless in winchester, kept telling me I was to blame, especially Scott-Joynt, they kept illegally violating my privacy with homeless and other authorities.
In Sussex they told the court they had ‘felt sorry for me’ and ‘tried to help me with housing’, even though, and I have the evidence, they did not have my consent, and with full knowledge that every time they interfered, I lost the help of any service where they interfered and would either be rejected or flee.

Don’t be under any illusion from whatever the Korris report says, about Sussex, I continued to fight back to Fisher, and she and Scott-Joynt tried to do what they failed to do in Winchester and have me put away, and failed again. Because basically, I was not mad, not to blame for their utter failure to safeguard me, I was deeply traumatized and wanted a) for my complaints to be taken seriously and dealt with and b) to know I was safe from further interference;
 as the violations behind my back with authorities and services had left me traumatized and feeling unsafe, I am autistic and cannot work out what people are going to do next if they spend years violating me behind my back and leaving my life completely destabilized with no clear future or safety.
Jane Fisher brought charges against me in Sussex, not for the diocese, because I was not in contact with them, I was in contact with her, because she had consistently harmed me, and I did not believe she would stop, she brought charges in liason with Micheal Scott-Joynt, with an attempt to make it look separate, but the fact I had spoken to Hampshire police a few weeks earlier showed that up, their efforts were to have me put away. they failed.
It remains horrifying that despite my pleas, no effort was made to protect me from further interference from the diocese, to which I would respond with fury and fear as I had so far.
Jane Fisher was free to continue to come after me and interfere with my access to authorities, and I was helpless to defend myself and marked by the record she got me.
Basically that is why the diocese were able to launch on me with the police last year and I was helpless.
This is injustice to extremes, being traced and violated by the diocese last year and threatened by the Bishop for pleading to be left alone.
It makes their whole investigation in Jersey a complete sham, because there has been no investigation into Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt, instead, I am not just left permenantly branded and without hope or quality of life, and living in fear of the Diocese and their police, I am further branded by what they did last year and the villification of me by the Jersey  Deanery.

Basically, I was not and am not mad, but due to the sudden and random relaunch onto me by the diocese in March last year, a continuation of the violations of my human rights and privacy, I was justified in being concerned about having no protection from the Diocese and what they would come up with to harm me next.
I was and am severely traumatized, which is why I answered back personally to the diocese in 2010 and 11, and why I blog now, because basically, my human right is for my side to be heard, and the diocese, then and now, don’t want me to be heard, would not and do not listen, and will only continue their agenda, which harms me.

The fact that Jane Fisher is reading this blog and undoubtely wont like what she reads and will find further ways of covering up, absolving herself at my expense and probably having me further beaten and locked up, branded and traumatized, and there is only so much I can take before I cannot recover, and I am close to that, tells me that I probably never will escape harm at the hands of the Diocese of Winchester.

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