appeal for (good) advice

I have found that often, if I ask for advice instead of worrying alone, I sometimes get some insight that I would not have come up with on my own.

This is the situation.
I feel ill a lot, I have things I want scanned, my leg, my spine, because I think that lump needs cutting out, and my neck, to see if more can be done, and I want advice as I can’t seem to improve my health and fitness and am tired and in pain a lot.

I don’t feel able to see an NHS doctor as they tend to be running late, impatient, keep inaccurate records and don’t do much, I also daren’t be traced by police and diocese through seeing a doctor, as appears to have happened in March.
I cannot really afford a private doctor and am not sure if they refer to your NHS records anyway, and if I needed a refferal for scans from a private doctor, it would be private and I couldn’t afford it.
Any advice? Apart from going to the NHS, or a walk in clinic, which is the same thing, I need proper help and not to be traced.


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