I have gone on with my life, but am waiting for the public murder of me by Jane Fisher’s Diocese of Winchester, in the form of the publication of the biased reports that omit my story, my story which is barely published on this blog.
One way or another, after the onslaught of the diocese against me in 2010 and 2011, it was always inevitable that the Diocese of Winchester in their harm of me would kill me, and I always did expect them to relaunch on me as I fled them in 2011, and I always knew that I could not really recover from their actions against me, which were too severely damaging.

I have lived a half-life and lived in fear.
I have suffered horribly because of the Korris rubbish, and have waited to be destroyed publicly by the Steel (Bailhache) report and John Gladwin’s equally biased report that he never got my side of the story for.
Gladwin and Steel have made negative investigations that damn me and exclude my story, and I know that I cannot survive further public libel, maligning and condemning, further jeers by the Jersey Deanery when this rubbish is published, and further cover-ups that protect Jane Fisher’s wrongdoing at my expense, my soul is already too broken to survive any more.
I live condemned, shamed and judged on earth, and I have waited so long for God to be merciful and release me from this condemnation, but it seems He would leave it until I am publicly crucified by Gladwin and Steel.
I don’t actually understand, why is the Steel report being released when the Diocese took out an unjunction against themselves to stop themselves publishing it? why are they having it published when I made a complaint that it is conflicted and against me and omit’s my side? why would they publish it, not having ensured it is balanced by my side of things being added?
Especially seeing as they had me traced and launched all this claiming it was a safeguarding investigation, and yet, have omitted me, including John Gladwin omitting me after a brief ‘show’ meeting that Bob forced on them?

4 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Hi HG, I think the decisions to suppress and then release the reports both have the same motive. That motive being to limit the dameage to the Jersey Church and Diocese. This applies to certain people within these organisations too.

    All three reports are, to me, of little use because they omit your side. No report can hope to be balanced if all involved are not interviewed

  2. Hi Emma, thank you for this, sadly the wider public who see these reports, after having heard Bailhache's attack on my character and the Deanery's views, will not see my side of things and will further villify me, and I cannot take much more of being damned.

  3. Not every one in Jersey disbelieves your story, the way you have been treated is shocking and disgraceful, people like the Dean and Bailhache are not Christians just scum, if there is a heaven and hell they will both rot in hell god bless you

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