It was just another day, some time around Easter, I was sitting in the library and listening to this song.


My links don’t work any more, it is ‘Hallelujah’ from Shrek.
Interestingly enough, I remember Ian LeMarquand’s daughter playing it at housegroup when she and her husband were trying for a baby, I think she thought the song was somthing to do with God, but I am not so sure, but I was listening to it anyway, that day, at that time, and it still resounds.

It was then, after all that time, that I heard that the Dean had been suspended, and I had a collapse, the second one, the first having been caused by the Diocese setting the police on me.
The words ring through my head ‘It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah’.
It was too late for them to suddenly do anything, the damage was done to me, and could not be undone, and since that cold and broken news that day, I have suffered horrendously.

Right, here is an extract from an email from the Diocese, which makes their whole campaign of the past year completely senseless.
This is from one of Jane Fisher’s denial emails, all of which is omitted from the Korris report to save her skin and damn me, and incidentally, those who still don’t know, it was Jane Fisher’s senseless and incongrent and hurtful emails that sent me mad.

I know the Dean does not disbelieve what you have said. Nor does he side with **** The Dean is in a difficult position in that he too has to work within the procedures that govern the church. The Dean hasn’t sided with ****  or against you. He has to make sure that he is neutral so he can make any decisions or recommend any action without being biased. If that has seemed to you to be taking ****’s side against you I am sorry – and that really isn’t the case.

Why then did they suspend the Dean then? Why is the Dean seeing the churchwarden and his wife first, trying to tell me abuse was a bit of a harsh word for it, and proceeding to try and prevent the complaint him being neutral?
Why was the Dean calling me wicked and saying I was not abused neutral?
And if, according to the Jersey Deanery, the Dean saw the churchwarden first because I was harassing him, why was the Dean then still involved in the abuse complaint?

One thought on “Hallelujah

  1. Any employee has to follow their organisation's proceedures and as far as I am concerned, the Dean did not. What he should have done is take notes and pass your complaint to the Police and the Diocese. No, his words and behaviour were not neutral. At the point he passed it on (or should have) he should stepped back from it and not tried to handle it himself. My understanding is that he got suspended for not doing this.

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