bad poems time

I can’t come out of flashbacks, so I can’t write anything about the church.
So I will do bad poems instead.


I am swimming against a tide and I am tired
looking for land and hope

I can’t go on living in distress and fear
long past the end of my rope

crying for help into silence that never breaks
no lifeline is ever thrown

I am condemned to sink or swim
by condemnation that leaves me to drown

I never stopped hoping to find land
to be rescued by honest and kind hands

as I swim I try to see hope
a beautiful island in the mist of despair

but I sink exhausted because
how can that island be there?

I am swimming home to join you
in your peace after a life of stress

on the island on the hill
you are waiting for me

the scar has gone from your forehead
and the trees are beautiful where you are

this is homecoming
safe in my Father’s arms


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