from ‘Homeless’ 18/12/2011 -still funny

Before the Bishop retired in Winchester, I was walking through the alley near some of my food bins in Winchester one morning, this was in a pedestrian area and had  ‘NO Cycling’ signs all around, the alleyway was entirely pedestrian and led onto a precinct.
As I came out of the blind alley onto the precinct the Bishop’s wife came hurtling into the blind  Alleyway from the pedestrian area on her bike and nearly knocked me over!
‘Hello **********’ she said in her posh tones as I staggered,

‘slow down Mrs ***********’ I yelled in fright ‘get off the bike!’
But she was gone.

It’s a true story, and I left a message for her and the Bishop regarding them them breaking the law and the impact of it and how they shouldn’t be hounding me and making me out to be mad and bad when the Bishop’s wife was breaking the law and behaving like a manic on her bike when the police were cracking down on such behaviour, but I said that I was a Christian and so I wasn’t going to report her out of spite and that even if the police had stopped her as they had stopped other cyclists that week or even if she had collided with me, the police wouldn’t batter her and lock her up, they would excuse her because she was the Bishop’s wife, undoubtedly true, the Bishop has expensive top lawyers.

– 01/02/2014 And having top lawyers and barristers as chaplains and clergy and laity who are legally trained tends to mean you can be Christians in theory and not in practice and get away with doing as you like and still using Jesus’ Name as an excuse for your salary and home.

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