Historic Blog ‘Homeless’ ‘Police complaint -this is part of a post from 16/12/2011

I had been treated as mad and bad by the police at all times and I was traumatised by it. In the time after the police brutalised me in that time when they got me for the Bishop not long after Anne’s funeral, I sat in the church writing out carefully what had happened and I also had the photo’s of the bruises on my arms that they made, my friend took the photos. But I had never had the money to send this complaint by post and had never had the courage to walk up and put it in the letterbox of the police HQ in person, and had been too depressed to, seeing as my voice is nothing and no one would do anything.

One rainy night I was down near the Cathedral, I was surprised that mad Debbie didn’t jump out and scream at me, as she usually haunted that area, a police car drew up beside me and they wound the window down and said my name, I froze in utter terror, the officer said ‘it’s alright, we just wanted to say hello’ (similar to what they usually untruthfully say when you are in trouble), I remained frozen and silent.

The officer continued in a patronizing tone, going on about a service in the cathedral, I didn’t want to know, the officer said that ‘he was glad that I was well and out and about again’ I gathered from this that he was one of the brutes who had detained me and made me out to be mentally ill and had not been aware that I had been asessed and released, he seemed to think I had been locked up in the hospital as the police had tried VERY hard to arrange on behalf of the diocese.

 I said nothing. He went on and told me to go and get out of the rain and get my head down somewhere, I was furious, it was nothing to do with him where and when I was or slept, I was in shock as the police drove off, and following that, instead of sending my painstakingly written statement to the police complaints department with the bruises pictures, I rattled off an email of complaint, this was to the police complaints department in the county headquarters, interestingly enough I have had a stream of emails over the months from the department and the IPCC, the big central police complaints department, I have absolutely no idea why as I am too fragile and traumatised to even open and read the emails and get re-involved in the dreadful matter, nor do I want my location given away to anyone. As far as I know from experience my voice is nothing against other peoples. 

The latest email regarding the police complaint was sent to me last week.

Another thing to note, the police who stopped that rainy night were not after me, and this was in the summer, but in court in august it was claimed that the police had been after me for some time.

(01/02/2014) This was due to Jane Fisher wanting her complaint against me in Sussex to be separate from that of Michael-Scott-Joynt’s, when in reality, they had liased together to try and have me put away, again, and it remains that she suffers nothing for her abuse of power and lack of dealing with my complaint of abuse and protection of my abuser, while she destroyed me publicly, the church of England has a lot of power, because they claim to be Christian and no-one questions them, and they are never called to account for their abuse of that power).


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