a re-post of the formal complaint against the Diocese, sent last year

Formal complaint about the handling of the Winchester Diocese/Jersey Deanery Investigation:

During March this year I was contacted by the police on behalf of the Diocese of Winchester, this should not have happened, considering the way the Diocese have had me detained and brutalized by the police, they should not have had me traced, if you have someone brutalized for contacting you, even if it was only responding to you and legitimately trying to get a complaint dealt with, then you should not trace that person and provoke them.
The shock was great but the Diocese were not forthcoming even with an apology for the shock. They were vague even as to why they had traced me.
It was some time later that I saw that the Dean had been suspended and the ‘apologies’ in the paper.
The Diocese have continued to be vague and unhelpful, I do not understand why they traced me just to be unhelpful. I was kind of wanting to be grateful about the apologies but also knowing that they were shallow and just words.
My deep and serious concern was that they were going to continue meddling in my life behind my back as they did in Jersey and Winchester, and the horror would simply re-start, the cycle of interventions, hurts to me, response to me and police attacks for my response.
And the response I got from them made me sure this was what was going to happen, the Bishop randomly threatened me with court orders and refused to elaborate on what court order he was threatening me with and why! Seeing as he had traced me, why was he now threatening me? He should have left me alone! That remains the case.
I heard, through the Jersey bloggers that the problem was that five years too late, the Diocese had decided to look at my complaint and suspend the Dean.
Thankfully, Bob Hill and the Jersey bloggers got involved, and from them I learned that this was about a report called the Korris report.
Now the Bishop had more people watching him and watching me, he didn’t seem to interested in bullying me and making threats.
The Korris report though, was so awful and inaccurate that it nearly drove me to suicide, so did Bob’s questioning of me about my side of things, so here I was, dragged into a nightmare.
The Bishop went silent after I replied to his threats telling him that if he was to have me arrested then the press were to be alerted and told that he had arrested the person he was claiming to apologize to. I asked him to confirm that his diocese would not intervene and he and the Diocese tried to make me out to be asking for withdrawal of contact, not withdrawal of intervention.
 There never was any apology or clarity from the Diocese, they appeared to have traced me because they had been put under pressure to, not because they had anything to say or any support to offer.
The Diocese asked nothing about my circumstances, showed no sign of caring, fluffed some words about being sorry, not an apology, and told me that the Dean would not be reinstated without an enquiry.
Shortly after that the Dean was reinstated without an enquiry
The same day, the Bishop answered my question about intervention from the Diocese, he sent a subject box saying ‘no unsolicited intervention -confirmed’ he knew I would not open an email from him after his threat.
 There was no message from the Bishop as to why he had waited until the day he reinstated the Dean to say that, there was no warning to me that he was reinstating the Dean and no passing on of the Dean’s very empty and meaningless apology that was never sent to me.
The hate campaign against me from the Deanery of Jersey did not stop when the Dean was reinstated and the Bishop did nothing about it.
The hate campaign included a one-sided meeting where the Deanery attacked the Diocese and used me as a scapegoat.
Basically, within months of being traced I was vilified, threatened, had received no genuine apologies, had seen the Archbishop and Bishop bow to the Jersey authorities and seen the Dean reinstated as a result.
 Due to the threats, the lack of any form of acceptable apology, the Bishop telling me that the Dean would not be reinstated and then reinstating him without warning or investigation, my feelings towards the Diocese were not good, they had handled this badly.
Bob Hill had also been messed about, now acting as my mediator he had been untruthfully or incorrectly told by the Diocese that the Bishop was not reinstating the Dean that day. It showed that the Diocese had not changed under the new Bishop.
So, so far, shocking tracing through the police, no real explanation, apology or sympathy from the Diocese, threats, inconsistency about reinstatement of the Dean, all of this not good for me, and the hate campaign in Jersey wounding me, as it still is.
The Korris report was written without my views, and my email addresses were known to the Diocese, so instead of tracing me to have my views added, which they or Jan korris had done, they had the report done and then traced me through the police. Maybe the reasoning was that I had blocked Jane Fisher and it was claimed I blocked the Diocese when I only blocked Jane.
The police tracing me under my new identity for the Diocese has left me shocked and frightened and I am still waiting to hear exactly how DC Jonathan Swift has damaged my personal life by tracing me, ei, how he traced me.
The Diocese have damaged me from the outset of this by tracing me through the police.
The Bishop launched an investigation/visitaion into the findings of the Korris report, but made no attempt to let me know about this or explain it, nor did he let Bob know on my behalf.
The Bishop claimed in the press to have apologized to me personally, which was very distressing as he had not personally apologized and has not personally apologized, and this has been very annoying.
The first half of the visitation was to be led by John Gladwin, but the Terms of Reference have been and are very vague, I don’t understand them.
The second part of the investigation is led by Dame Heather Steele and is conflicted by her being a close colleague of some of the judicial and political figures that have either been involved negatively or who are involved negatively in the campaign against me in support of the Dean.
The Bishop has refused to acknowledge this conflict or withdraw Dame Steele from the enquiry. He also, until the last minute, very recently, refused to release her terms of reference, and now released, they are very vague.
I refuse to be involved in that side of the enquiry, so the result will not be balanced, although the conflict would mean it would be hard to balance it anyway.
 Dame Steele made a callous and incongruent attempt to access my records through my former advocate who didn’t represent me at all well in October 2010. She had no right to do so, and her vague terms of reference do not state anything about her investigating my records. This was a violation and another insult on top of all the others.
I started a blog about this whole disaster but have withdrawn it as it doesn’t help.
I have been treated all along as if I am an object, my feelings, thoughts and input are not being taken into account, the Bishop has been unhelpful, untruthful, and not in any way sympathetic or helpful, he has refused to respond to Bob Hill or communicate via Bob Hill even though Bob is my mediator.
Five months have now gone by since the police traced me, and I am still unclear as to why I have been traced, I have received no personal apologies, I have been threatened, I have had a hate campaign directed at me, I have had no clarity from the Diocese as to what they expect from me, I have had no kindness, no helpfullness, no clarity from them,I have been put under exceptional stress because of this matter and have had my life and therapy disrupted.
And because this response to my complaint is five years too late and slapdash and lacking in any clarity, I do not know why they bothered, it is in the past, and even now, judging by the mess and the nastiness, it isn’t even going to be resolved, and there is very little that can recompense me for the hate campaign and Korris report and how I have been damaged through those. And it will not undo the damage done, five years later and the other side of police brutality and a criminal record.
Tim Dakin claims to be persuing the Jersey matter because Vulnerable people need to be treated properly, but he has treated me like dirt and not even taken my condition, both homeless-wise nor autism-wise into account, and thus I wonder if Bob is right, that this is not about me but about issues between the Diocese of Winchester and the Deanery of Jersey, in which case, his dragging me into this is even worse, because I am just a pawn.
If the Bishop cares about vulnerable people, why has he handled me so badly? Is it because Jane Fisher is advising him? I am most annoyed and keep having new shocks launched on me and it is doing uncontrolled damage
So in three weeks time I am leaving the investigation/visitation, and if anyone wants further information, statements or interviews, they need to arrange them quickly.

This is my complaint into being traced and the investigation and ‘apologies’, I want it reviewed and replied to, but not in five years time!

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