Three emails sent to Jane Fisher and Bishop Scott-Jonyt at the beginning of January 2011, graphic content, don’t read if easily offended, I was being driven mad by their violations of my rights and privacy

withdraw Jane Fisher from harming me,
what you have done to me in your lack of duty of care and allowing fisher to spit on me in the first place,
what you have done in taking my life from me on behalf of wrong doers and judging this matter unjustly
is more than enough to ensure that I will never recover

You dont need to attack me through fisher and keep harming me
you dont need to send me lying emails

you do need to withdraw fisher or I will get her done for harassment or ensure a restraining order on her
I do not want to livethe remains of this difficult and distrssing life
being punched in the face by people who fisher manipulates to do so,
it is horrifying

no matter how you yap about helping me
you do not and cannot help me or even pretend to,
you are the ones who destoyed me
and each intervention from you
drives me further from society
wounds me further

what you are doing to me in intervening
is like a man kidnapping a woman
chaining her to a bed and raping her repeatedly
that is how vile and horrific what you are doing to me is
while I cannot escape.
no matter what you or your insurers and lawyers think
you are not helping me and cannot
and I am reasonably asking you to withdraw

just to add, imagine that man telling the woman he is raping that he is doing it for her benefit, and that sums up exactly what the diocese of winchester have and are doing to me.
because of the diocese interventions I will be on the streets for the rest of my life, and currently without food or money, I have no friends or support services to turn to as the diocese has violated all of these, and now I am ill, this would be a good time for someone to say ‘why dont we leave her alone?’ and give me a yes or no, will you withdraw or does it have to be legal action?

The only reasons I can think of for you to continue these attacks it to try and drive me to despair and attempted suicide as you did before, so you can try and have me locked up again,
try and drive me mad with anger and pain as before so you can have me convicted again,
try and drive me to a complete breakdown so that I become incapable,
what you are doing to me is horrifying and is very frightening to me,
I am going to continue to ask, through the police and the court and the church and everyone possible,
for Jane Fisher to be withdrawn from intervening in my life,
I am terrified of a future like a minefield of Jane Fisher interventions.
you are only lying to yourselves when you make out that what you have done and are doing is anything to do with helping me.

please let me know that fisher will be withdrawn.

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