Sunday morning 6am

Well I slept eventually after a long time of sleepless stress, I woke in the dark and thought that the clock said 2.20am, I went to the loo and back in bed, I looked at the clock and it said 5.30am, so that wasn’t so bad.
I was having terrors of the church of england, and it will take time for that to fade.
I was threatened with prison in court in Sussex, did you know that?
I was threatened by Tim Dakin for begging him and his diocese to leave my personal life alone when they had me traced and launched on, did you know that?
The Diocese would have me put away again if it wasn’t for public image, did you know that?
I live in terror of what they are planning to do to extinguish me, did you know that?

I am sitting in bed with a cuppa.
I wish I could outwit the diocese by dying suddenly of a heart attack or something, but if I did, they would malign me to my community and the press anyway.


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning 6am

  1. Exactly! The more you speak the truth, the fewer people will believe them when they malign you. These 'Christians' do not represent God in my view, never will.

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