2 thoughts on “The Bishop sent out a duck, haha, his theology is flawed!

  1. As I said on Twitter:

    “Thru intercession of compassionate vulnerable Catholic lady, Holy Ghost has restored Bishop Dakin to life “

    I know this is the real story. The bird told me so.

    I hope the Bishop appreciates this lady's compassion and leaves her alone in the future. Unless, of course, he wants to champion her side of the story and sack a load of people including himself and his predecessor.

  2. Ah. In Jersey, Lou Scott-Joynt made me very angry by making a totally incorrect and wild statement 'you just want everyone sacked'.
    I have no vested interest in sackings, what I would like though, would be for some of these people to take responsibility for their wrongs.
    There is one person I would like to see removed from working with vulnerable people.
    And I hope that Tim Dakin has a change of heart and decides to speak to me, human to human and not treating me as 'lost, last or least'.
    That is an open invitation to him, to put aside the silos of bullshit that has been created about my case, and get my side of things.

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