PIE -explicit, don’t read if you are squeamish!

Recently the Peadophile Information Exchange and it’s links to Government have been headline News in the Daily Mail.

I think the Truth Speakers on twitter have done very well for keeping this matter in the spotlight day after day, amazing determination.

I feel, that although this is not directly linked to the Church of England, I was abused as a child and I would like to comment.

PIE members claim that sex with children does not do them any lasting harm.
I disagree. A child should be allowed to be a child and have innocence, a child is not physically or emotionally ready for sexuality.

PIE members made claims about children initiating sex acts.
A child does not normally or naturally initiate sex acts with an adult, not unless they have been sexualized and taught to behave this way and not taught that this is not appropriate.
Children are usually taught modesty by their parents and carers and though children tend to be curious about each other, they do not naturally engage in sexual behaviour with adults.
When a child is being overtly sexual, it is very likely that they have been sexually exploited.

I use the word exploited because a child cannot fully understand the adult emotions of sexuality,
because they are simply Not Ready For Sexuality.

Even young teens, with hormones and sexual awareness, should not be exploited by older people, they need to grow emotionally and physically and socially.

So suggesting that it does not harm a child to be involved in sex acts is ludicrous, a child needs to be innocent, playful without adult sexuality, and to be able to learn and grow, protected from painful and shameful acts that they are not mature enough to understand or consent to. A child cannot understand consensual sex, and if they say no, if ‘asked’, how often does an abuser listen?

A child is not physically ready for sexual intercourse and it does hurt them physically as well as emotionally, when an adult has sex with a child it is not because they love that child, if they did, then they would certainly not be doing that! When an adult has sex with a child, they are meeting their own needs.

I was harmed by abuse as a child, and as an adult, both have affected me profoundly, especially as the abuse was by people who were family or ‘adoptive’ family, and even as an adult it harms you emotionally, and I have been re-abused by being disbelieved and rubbished and shunned as a result. ‘Sex acts involving Children’ are always Abuse!
I was regressed to childhood in Jersey and sexually abused by the Churchwarden, and it did me horrendous psychological harm.

It is horrifying that people in Government can also be involved in crimes against children, some of the worst crimes there are.

I hope that the Truth Speakers on twitter keep up the loud cry against peadophiles, because, judging by the Daily Mail headlines about PIE and Government, they are being heard!


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