The apologist

I usually do apologize for my anger and distress and irrational responses to shock sand surprises and untoward things.

Other people don’t tend to apologize for things like crossing my personal boundaries, intruding in my personal life or breaching confidences etc. The things most likely to make me angry.
an example of people constantly breaching confidences and humiliating me was the Lihous, discussing me with my former employers, tutors and half the benefice and causing me humiliation.
They never apologized, i did not do the same to them, and yet they have been used to villify me in the Channel Islands, without anyone asking for my side of things.
Does it say anywhere in the villification of me, that I repeatedly apologized to the Lihous for responding to them harming me, or that I even apologized to the Dean for my reaction to his mishandling of my complaint.
No, because these so called Christians can’t practice what they preach when they are so eager to condemn my life in order to cover up wrongdoing.

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