Being Direct

In Jersey, was I cheerfully trashing the place and swearing and threatening everyone?

No, I was responding to a miserable and shameful situation that I could not understand, where I was being hurt, where I was being maligned in a small community, where the police had brutalized me and locked me up the day they let my abuser go to go round saying he was cleared.
I was responding to living in a community where churchgoers and professionals were so linked that I could not access unbiased services or avoid being shunned and glared at, in a place where it was admitted to me I was discussed and that one particular church leader hated me and considered me evil.

I was under too much stress and could not live a normal life, while the Diocese denied it all and made life worse for me and did nothing about my abuser or my complaints.

The damage is lasting.

I need to share that because I do have flashbacks at the moment to the way I was treated in Jersey and the way I responded.

I think Jersey could be described as a place where ‘people get promoted for wrongdoing’, that is what I saw happening as my complaints continued to be ignored and it harmed me.

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