Dear Diocese

Dear Diocese of Winchester,

You remain ominously silent. My cynical guess is you plan a police attack on me the day you release them reports in order to silence me, and that reconciliation and forgiveness are not on the agenda.

My good leg has become a daily problem with some injury that isn’t going to heal now, and it needs to be assessed, my back is even more of a concern, not only with the problem with the mass presumably pressing on my spine, but I also cannot sit without pain now, presumably tail bone, or maybe the same spine problem, and that needs to be scanned for infection.
In my long walk today I could not walk at any speed and was in pain and unco-ordinated, I was overtaken by a man on crutches, yes, really.

I daren’t see a doctor in case it leads to me being traced again and hurt further by you, the Diocese of Winchester, who are free to keep coming after me and hurting me, I cannot afford a private assessment. I am treated like dirt by the NHS since your attempt to have me put away three years ago anyway, but can there be an amnesty so that I can see an NHS doctor before this gets worse?

This cycle of health preventing exercise and money preventing exercise and money preventing health and then all those the other way round is wearing me down. I can only walk as I cannot afford swim or phys or anything, and if I can’t walk well, I can’t keep fit, I am like a vegetable.

Humpf, I wonder what vegetable I am? A happy tomato.



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