Unrelated political thoughs

When I was working in Jersey, I worked alongside a cheerful, hardworking and nice migrant worker, who was working in Jersey in order to send money home to his wife, who was a student, and their baby daughter.
I always admired him for being so brave as to be so far from his family in order to provide for them.
He told me he spoke to his wife and infant daughter on skype every evening, but I wondered what it was like, to be so far from your loved ones like that, just to be able to provide for them.

This migrant worker told me about religion in his country, he said that it was a Catholic Country.He told me sadly that even though it was a Catholic Country, the Catholics seemed more about politics and power than loving God.

He told me that the Catholic Church in his country had so much power that they would tell the people which politician or leader to vote in in elections.
He obviously thought this was wrong and not to do with Christianity, so did I, but what can you do if your country is dominated by one particular branch of religion and they are entwined in politics and power?

In a way it is a bit like the Church of England, with Bishops like Scott-Joynt and Dakin, who cannot even handle their own staff, but sit in the House of Lords and make decisions for out county!

Real Christianity and Politics do not mix. Jesus and the pharisees did not mix, Jesus had no interest in power, he was a homeless wanderer. He did not live in an all-expenses-paid palace and get a high salary, he wandered and taught and was disliked by the pharasees, with their rituals and politics.

Do you think there should be a country where a meeting is held where election candidates have to explain themselves to a group of ‘Christians’ in the hope of getting their vote? Do you think such a meeting chaired by a clergyman who is also a politician should happen?

I personally think such things are taking the Lord’s Name in Vain.

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