I have only recently read that after an ‘apology’ from the Church of England (which was rejected).
Diocese of Chichester Abuse Survivors called for another inquiry that the Church of England made agreeable noises to, and then the Church of England did a U-turn and changed their minds about supporting the inquiry.

I have sympathy for the Chichester Survivors, who probably went through worse than I have.
I am angry that the Church of England started using abuse and victims to glorify themselves and then realised it wasn’t really working, and gave up on victims again, we were not the easy source of glory that they hoped, and the apology and the launching on me and the Deanery, did not get them the response that they hoped for and the acclaim that they hoped for, they were not suddenly better than the Catholic Church because ‘The CofE cared and the Catholics didn’t’.
There hasn’t been an atom of care for me by the Church of England, they haven’t even done the basics of treating me as a human being with rights and feelings.
I hope that the Chichester survivors have been better treated personally even though they have been badly let down, again, by the Church.

I gather that the Archbishop thinks that banking is more important than abuse inquiries.
Does he not realise, even now that he is a priest? He still has the mentality of a banker.


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