Anything and everything, the headlines, Aspergers, a punch.

The Headlines in the Daily Mail are about the Autistic Spectrum man who was punched and died after he remonstrated with a cyclist who was on the pavement.

The commenter in the Mail says ‘This may sound a bit cruel, but it is possible that he remonstrated with the cyclist because of the Asperger’s’.

Yes, as you may have realised, us Aspies have a bad habit of speaking out, oh yes, it can shock people, because we can be too blunt. I have tried very hard to learn not to be so blunt, but I am no good at being Highly Polite. I do not know how to handle conflicts and differences of opinions, but that is just me. I am in therapy, when I can afford it, to learn these things.
That is no reason at all for anyone to punch someone.

I mean, I would never punch Jane Fisher, even if I have strongly felt like it in the past, and she has wrecked my life. I actually wouldn’t do anything if I met her, but she lives in the middle of a river, a long way from here, so I probably never will see her. Hooray!
Just in my nightmares and flashbacks.

Another thing that of course that newspapers and many people do not realise, is, the bike suddenly going past this Asperger man at speed may have shocked his system, causing him to remonstrate.
I have had such experiences, cyclists on the pavement, too fast and too close, it is like a dog jumping up at me, too close, too intrusive, too dangerous, it shocks the system, and it is possible this is what happened, hence his remonstrating, I usually remonstrate too.
I do not know if such things affect neurotypicals but they sure do affect me.

Bikes on the pavement are a menace. I am very sad to hear about this man losing his life when he had every right to object, and my prayers are with his family.


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