It’s all Relatives

Sometimes I remember useless and annoying things.

I remember useless and annoying things about the Lihous and their religion and the things they used to say about their family.

I remember Jill Lihou during one of the daily boasts, telling me how her ‘youngest grand daughter was starting boarding school’, someone needs to tell her that Jersey College for Girls is not a boarding school, it is just one of the four places in Jersey that offers an adequate secondary education, at a cost. A private school but not a boarding school!

But funnily enough, even though both the Lihou’s grand daughters, Phil and Heather Warren’s daughters, went to Jersey College for Girls, the Lihous used to go on and on about how the Warrens complained about the cost of living in Jersey and how Chequers had a monopoly in Jersey so everything was expensive.
This was before I went to Jersey.
Chequers don’t have a complete monopoly, and if the cost of living is too much and you have to grumble, you can either return to the UK or start shopping at Poundland and the CO-OP, reduced goods at the Channel Islands CO-OP in the evening are the same as reduced goods at UK CO-OP stores.
The other very funny thing about Jill and George Lihou’s paradoxical boasting about the grandkids at JCG and the grumbles about cost of living in Jersey was that Heather Warren would come to stay with the Lihous in Hampshire (before they moved to Guernsey) and would go shopping at John Lewis, because apparently she liked John Lewis goods.
As far as I know, John Lewis is not in any way cheap.
So not sure why the grumbles about cost of living in Jersey used to be passed on to me, but the Lihous never had any tact, they used to share my personal life and their opinion with half the village and their families in Jersey and Woodley and take unhelpful advice from them and change the boundaries of the friendship without any discussion with me.

 (the Woodley family, the Honours, now hold positions in ministry in Guernsey and the whole family have been used against me in Philip Bailhache’s hate campaign for what should have been forgiven differences, hence me feeling free to write this, the Church of England simply doesn’t set an example of Christianity at all).

So, send your children to private school and shop at John Lewis and choose to live in Jersey and grumble about the cost of living. Example set.

Jill used to say that Heather Warren, her daughter, would complain about being isolated living on Jersey, er, isolated on a crowded 45 mile island that you choose to live on and are securely leading a large worship community? I think that is feeling isolated for the sake of it.
I didn’t feel isolated in Jersey, I felt secure in a small place where I knew all the corners. Problem is, as a Jersey clergyman stated, you have to keep your enemies close, and making enemies in an insular community like Jersey leaves you trapped and disadvantaged, the horror of that will always be with me.

Oh the boasts! But the boasts didn’t make these people better people, they just left me shamed and lost for words.
Jill Lihou was boasting about how her son in Guernsey had a moped because ‘In Guernsey you are allowed a moped when you are 14, or was it 15?
Problem is, all the material things in the world don’t make you a better person or without problems, and Jill would go on about her family problems, how Phil and Heather had marriage problems and how the granddaughters were being spoilt and badly behaved – ‘but we love them anyway because they are family’. And how the grandsons were being badly influenced when they were in Woodley and how Jon Honour had a glass of drink thrown in his face by the female priest who was his boss during an argument at a party because they did not get on.

These are the people who have judged and condemned me, how come they do not get their faults published and damned for all to see as they have done to me? I suppose it is because they are well-to-do, didn’t have autism or a horrific upbringing and most of all, they work for, and are protected by, the Diocese of Winchester.
Christianity in the Mirror, one rule for workers of the supposedly Christian organization, the Diocese of Winchester, and another for us plebs 🙂

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