Autism, police

This story in the Mail (link below) made me feel very sad.
It reminded me so much of the needless and terrifying treatment I suffered at the hands of the police, especially on 14/02/2011 in Winchester, from which I don’t think I will ever really recover.
Police Officers truly think they can do as they please, and they do treat the vulnerable and voiceless like dirt, that is my experience, and they also write what they like about incidents, because we have no voice.
I am so sorry for the young man who was treated like that, I know he must have been terrified and I share his terror of seeing police when I am out and about, because I still expect a repeat of what has happened to me, especially with the record the Diocese got me.
The police are not here to protect me or the community, they are very dangerous and damaging and for me now, there is no safety in this world.


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