published on 09/07/2013 – Diocese and Deanery

I just thought I would share briefly with you about the theology and way of the Diocese of Winchester, where I suffered a number of hurts for ten years and had no idea that outside of the Diocese of Winchester, the Church of England might do things differently. Better.

I have since being driven from Winchester found that it is different in other dioceses, it is better.

I would just like to share some thoughts that cry out in my head and wont settle.

  • The clergy in Jersey have not behaved in any sort of a Christian way in their slander and untruths about me that have been transported to the general public through the press and the meeting at Grouville.
  • The Clergy in Jersey have done and are doing some damaging things that harm vulnerable people, and yet they are not being slandered and destroyed as they slandered and destroyed me.
  • The Diocese of Winchester has been lacking in proper safeguarding or enforcement of safeguarding policy in all the time I have known them, if they had ever had a proper safeguarding process and policy then I would not be ruined and blamed by the safeguarding officer for my reaction to everything that has happened to me.
  • The smear campaign against me tries to do two things, first claim that I have ’caused trouble’ in two parishes in the Winchester Diocese previously, and then that I have ‘made complaints’ in two different places previously. I feel that it is my right to correct that – I didn’t randomly ’cause trouble’, I dealt with bad situations and abuse that occured when other people in the church with problems of their own tried to make ‘curing’ me into a panacea for their own problems, also when I was abused, and in both cases there was no sign of any effective safeguarding policy. I also never made any complaints before I was abused in Jersey, I made all complaints in Jersey when the Dean was able to involve people who had previously hurt me in the Diocese of Winchester and those people, the Dean and the abusers worked together to give me a bad name.
  • Another rumour was that I was trying to get compensation from the Diocese. As yet, despite offers of help to get compensation, I have never tried. I love God more than money.
  • The Catholic Church, despite it’s historic abuse problems, has been much safer and kinder to me than the Church of England Diocese of Winchester.
  • I suffer the after-effects of the Diocese of Winchester so badly that I still have deep trust and panic issues to do with church, but my church/es know and understand this.
I will continue writing tomorrow. Do look at Bob Hill’s latest blog, which you can find a link to on the top right hand side of this blog.

Post continued on 10/07/2013

The clergy smear campaign against me in Jersey:
  • The clergy in Jersey, in their desparate smear campaign against me make me out to have ’caused trouble’ in two parishes in the Diocese of Winchester, they do not appear to want to know about the trouble caused to me by sexual abuse and being manipulated by people who had their own needs and mental health problems, notably including the mother-in-law of one of the clergy in Jersey. 
  • They also omit the other parishes where I was able to be part of church without anyone taking me home and subjecting me to sexual or emotional abuse. They omit that I had no ‘trouble’ in these parishes.
  • They omit the hundreds of hours of voluntary work I did for church and community despite being hurt by the snobbishness in the wealthy Diocesan churches who singularly had no understanding of autism or poverty, they also omit the friendships I had without any ‘trouble’ despite my autism meaning that I do struggle with relationships – unfortunately the unchristian clergy make no allowances for such things and would rather brand me trouble than be responsible for their own behaviour.
  • Funny isn’t it? how they have branded and slandered me, and yet these are neurotypical, well-off and well-fed people who singularly have not suffered hardship or disability. These are ‘God’s representatives’ and they can lie and slander me and show the whole world an example of Christianity which should empty the churches.

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