written 09/07/2013 ‘Being Homeless’

so many people have asked me about homelessness.

so what is it like being a homeless rough sleeper?

Well, actually it feels perfectly natural, it was traumatic at first, but everything was trauma back when I was made homeless for standing up to the church of England.

In the beginning I was cold and tired, homeless in one of the worst winters for many years.
But I survived, grew, and homelessness became natural to me, especially as trying  to sleep indoors led to me becoming distressed and panicky, and back then, indoors was where I felt most at risk from the Diocese of Winchester, who continued to hurt me in every way possible.

Although I can now cope better with indoors, I do still suffer. And find that the suffering is relieved by going back outdoors.

When I think of giving up my homeless life, or being forced off the streets by renewed interention by the Diocese of Winchester, I become distressed and grief-stricken and I want to grab my life tightly in my hands and yell ‘No!’ at them.

Ok, sometimes life is hard, I go hungry or I get wet and cold and dirty. But that is part of my life now.
I was never well-off, and often went hungry when I lived indoors, and struggled to make enough money to pay the rent.
At least I dont have to worry about rent now.

It’s not so bad out here.

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